Notorious neck-breaker and disc jockey, Excision released his fourth studio album this last week. Though it is entitled Apex, Excision is no where near peaking it seems. The album delivers in every category, and we mean even ones you wouldn’t expect.

From the moment you search the album, you know you are in for a treat. Excision sticks to his Lost Lands roots and plasters a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the middle of mountains during a lightening storm. It screams “absolutely wild”, before you even listen to the album at all. Yet the second you do turn it on, you completely get the visuals. The terrifying electronic synth strike constantly like lighting, you can feel the T-Rex pounding as he trudges nearer, the thunderous uproar of the creature that lurks on the mountain, and you even feel the chill of the snowy peaks winds.

From the get-go, we hear the Excision brand. The eerie build up of “Exterminate” (even an X in the song title) into the spelling of the artist’s name lets you know there is no playing around. It builds an anticipation and almost anxiousness as you approach the bass hits, and then the rest of the album. He prepares the listener so well for Apex.

The rest of the album is an absolute journey. Of course we expect the neck breaking, adrenaline rushing, fist clenching songs like “1 On 1”, “Tonight”, “Fall”, “Where Are You”, “Power”, “Hoods Up”, and “Rumble”. These tracks are these instant calls to the mosh pit. With lines like “Let’s get ready to rumble”, “One on one, toe-to-toe, or bring ya clique witcha”, and “Tonight is the night. The last night of your life…” its impossible to not feel the rave rage flow through you.There isn’t one of those that doesn’t fully encourage that, but each in a slightly different way. From feeling like you are in a Saw movie with “Tonight” versus fighting off alien invaders in “Where Are You”. The neck breakers are an Excision staple, and he demonstrates why on this album. Especially since “Rumble” ends his song list- really just reminding us that we love Excision for putting us in neck braces.

Past our neck-breaking-mosh-classics, we see Excision also create some interestingly twisted tracks. The two tracks, “Wake Up” and “Fight Through the Pain”, add such an interesting vibe to the album. These two tracks synthesize a Tony Hawk Proskater soundtrack and hard dubstep. You hear these underlying guitar solos and angst voices and then are reminded soon after Excision still made this. Both songs again are bangin’, but are even better because the depth they add to the album.

So the last “classification” of song found on this album are the “heaven headbangers”. A new term, freshly founded by us here at Where’s the Vibe, a heaven headbanger is a song that has the EDM pop vibe that has you embracing a floating feeling, but while floating you just feel the need to thrash. Just think of angels headbanging on the rails of heavens gates. Excision captures this vibe on “Gold (Stupid Love)”, “Home”, and “Die For You”. These songs are seemingly not the classic Excision, but round out this phenomenal album so well.

Now even though we have highlighted all the vibes on this album, we have left one crucial song out of them. That is because Excision created his Mona Lisa with this song. This work of art is our favorite song on the album, and we felt it should be highlighted because of that fact. “Vault” by Excision is a LITERAL RIDE. The song begins with sounds of what appear to be locking into the car of the roller coaster you are about to launch onto a minute and ten seconds into the song. It’s like It’s A Small World meets a haunted house meets a drag race and this is the song that blares during the ride. Rather than seeing faces of children of different parts of the world, you are FLYING past elbows, through mosh pits, and getting swallowed by robo kitties at light speed. This linking of all of Excision’s top headbangers brings everything it should, and then gently drops you back at the gate ready to ride again.

And with that, we finish Excision’s Apex. The album is for sure a beatslayer and delivers in every category. For us, we feel it illustrates Excision’s many hats, and ability to collaborate with big names (and not losing the Excision touch). Needless to say: This Is The Vibe.


We hope you enjoyed our first post. Thank you so much for reading. We would love if you left any comments and feedback.

Until next week. Peace.

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