As you know our artist of the week is Excision. Fresh off his new album Apex, Excision has established himself as one of the biggest pop DJs of the year. He has done so by remixing artist such as Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. He is one of the best pop DJs of the year…

Oh sorry confusion is one of the side effects from the concussion I gave myself headbanging to Excisions new album. Let me give a proper introduction, our artist of the week is Excision: The Neck Breaker of EDM. Apex is his forth studio album and brakes his two-year streak without one. His other albums include Virus (2016), Codename X (2015), X Rated (2011).

We know him as Excision but the bass hitter was born as, Jeff Able in April 1986. The now 32 year old DJ and producer entered the EDM scene back in 2004: seven years before he released his first album (X Files). Since then we have seen him release three other albums, create a record label (Destroid Music), and hoists a nationally acclaimed EDM festival.

Excision has been able to find success through creating his own unique Dub-bass genre that gained him his own following “The X Gang.” He has grown the X gang to one of the most notable groups among the EDM scene through his lifelike 3D visuals and elbow throwing mosh pits. His elbow throwing mosh pitters have inspired him to create real life giant f#%king dinosaurs at his very own music festival, Lost Lands.

In our home state Ohio, Lost Lands located in Legend Valley, Thornville. This year will be the festivals second year featuring double the amount of bass at a whopping 1million watts, two full size main stages, and every Dub-bass artist you can think of. Some of the neck breaking artists I would like to see at the fest are: Jauz, Rezz, Flux Pavilion, and Zomboy. I wish I was joining all you mosh pitters out there September 14th-16th.

Personally, when I first herd Excision songs I didn’t like his in your face bass. But now that I have grown into the EDM scene, I am now one of The X Gang myself. Solidifying my Excision (pun intended) into The X Gang was when I first saw him at Shaky Beats in Atlanta, GA in May 2018. His mind-blowing visuals put me into a continuum of head banging, the next day we joked that he melted our faces and put us all in neck braces.

I love Excision as an artist but writing this bio taught me more about who he really is and drew me closer to him as an artist. Glad to see his kick as new album make it to our first blog post.

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