They tried to make me go to R3HAB but I said No, No, no…

This week’s artist is not Amy Winehouse but R3HAB himself.

R3HAB is a Dutch DJ that just released his second album in the past two years, The Wave. He introduced us to R3HAB in 2008. His other pop house album being Trouble (2017).

The EDM world knows him by his stage name of R3HAB, but this Dutch DJ was born as Fadil El Ghoul in April 1986. Now at age 32 years old he is on a hot streak releasing albums in back to back years. Starting his music career when he was only 19 years old he teamed up with Hardwell producing his first track “Mrkstft.” Since then he has teamed up with some of EDM’s biggest including: Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, and Slander Van Doorn. But he has also been known to remix Pop hits from: Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Katy Perry.

R3HAB has gained a following all around the world through releasing songs on many different record labels, but his biggest affiliation has been with Spinnin’ Records. With them his song “Revolution” reached the top 40 of the U.K. singles chart in 2013. In that year he also started his own podcast that plays on SiriusXM radio which is currently on episode 309. This commitment to release a one hour podcast every week for the past 4ish years is just outstanding. Being able to release a weekly blog is a struggle we are going through, but I can’t even imagine how much work he puts into this podcast weekly.

I have heard songs by R3HAB but may not have known they were by him. It was not till today that I found out that he was on one of my childhood favorites “Revolution”. This song is one that started my journey into the EDM realm. From not knowing R3HAB, to now listening to his new album 5+ times, I can firmly say I would want to go to R3HAB (In concert).

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