Duuuun Dun… Duun Dun… Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun……

It’s not a shark but the DJ with Great White reputation, and for good reason. Ladies and gents, our DJ of the week is Jauz.

Jauz found his beginnings in northern Califonia’s booming city of San Francisco. Another DJ that is on a hot steak releasing his second album in two years. It seems like Jauz is swimming through records, faster than a shark through water, these past two years. He just released The Wise and the Wicked on August 31st two days before his birthday and his EZoo performance. He’s previous album was Off The Deep End Volume One (2017) hinting at a second volume coming soon.

Before Jauz was a big shark in EDM ocean, he was just a tad minnow named Sam Vogel. Sam is a fresh 25 years old being September 2nd 1993 (Happy belated birthday Sam). He began his music career earlier than many other artists did; starting producing electronic music at age 15. He really started chomping at his prey in 2013 when he started creating remixes that that caught the attention of Diplo, Skrillex, and Borgore. Then in 2014 he released his first single “Feel the Volume” under the Mad Decent label. Later that same year he released “Squad out!” with Skrillex. These two singles were released for the Adult Swim’s free singles program, but I know swim and free aren’t two words I want to combine around a monster like Jauz.

In 2017 and 2018, this great white shark grew into is teeth and was ready to shred the competition. He released “Claim to Be”, “The Game”, “ I Hold Still”, “Alpha”, and “Ghost” all 5 as singles in 2017. Jauz was also been able to accomplish one of the most admirable feats, in my eyes. He created his own record label, Bite This, in 2017. I think when they create their own record label it is hands down one of their biggest accomplishments, because this means they can start taking on up and coming DJs to help them grow- just as they did. Excuse my digression. 2018 Jauz worked all year long collaborating with EDMs biggest names: DJ Snake, Snails, Adventure Club, Ducky, Example, and Krewella to formulate his 4-chapter book which we reviewed today: The Wise and The Wicked.

Listening to his new album 5 times through in 3 days now gets me excited to swim in the tank Jauz Nov.10, at his show in Nashville. Jauz has always been one of my favorites after I heard “The Game” and listened to his full sets on Youtube. But after this week and after Nov. 10, you can bet I will always be a part of “The Wise and The Wicked.”

Until next week. Peace.

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