Good morning it’s time for some Toothpaste & Orange Juice…

No literally wake up its time for MAXD’s new album Toothpaste & Orange Juice. He released this debut EP on August 30th. 2018 getting the first big notch in his EDM career.

Now at the ripe age of 20, this Canadian born artist got his start at 16, in 2014, releasing songs with various labels. His Stage name is MAXD but his friends at the University of Ottawa know him as Max Trippenbach. This third-year “Gee Gee” hopes to become the next big name in EDM. You heard it here first, I believe that he has the talent to do that.

When first starting to create music he tried to recreate songs from Deadmau5, but seemed to not be getting it. However that seemed to be his saving grace, according to an interview,“Missing the mark ended up being super useful.” From his mistakes he ended up learning some new things. In the interview, he also mentions how he gets a lot of his inspiration when he is studying, which was super relatable. I remember when I was in school and could just get distracted by anything that ran across my mind, but sometimes those distractions from studying are some of the best ideas.

For a 20-year-old with a fresh start he sure did wake us up with Toothpaste & Orange Juice: a quirky name for a quirky sounding album. Definitely a weird combo to start your day with but a not so weird way to start his music career.

Until next week. Peace.

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