This week we again looked to tackle something completely new to us. Obviously not just new relative to time, but something from an artist we have never really had an interaction with. As you saw last week, we had a great interaction with MAXD and it really introduced us to someone we really enjoyed. This week we were exposed to something COMPLETELY out of our wheel house. Through a random pick, we ended up with Collapse EP made by Aphex Twin. With that being said, lets get into it.

Aphex Twin was a name completely new to Where’s the Vibe. We had no idea what to expect musically, and to be honest we never would have ever guessed it. Collapse EP is this showcase of complete brain melting and rebuilding sounds. The EP takes complexity to a completely different level. Aphex Twin exposed us to his completely new style; his music is Intelligent Dance Music (IDM), or “Brain Dance”.Collapse EP was our first ever showcase of this.

I know we usually give a song by song breakdown, but with Collapse EP we find it easier and  more important to talk about this completely new style of music. On first impression of Aphex and Collapse, we were extremely lost. We didn’t really have expectations, but if we did at all they were not met. We mean seriously it was on the other side of the spectrum from where we usually are. Honestly we did not enjoy Collapse EP on our first listen through. It was this progressive, overly electronic, highly produced, boss battle conglomeration of music. It was a serious culture shock, which we didn’t think could happen to us in the EDM world. It was making writing this week seem like such a feat for us.

After some time after our first listen, we both delved back into the album for a second time. It was this time that we actually found the worth behind the music. We had to be shocked, to establish that this is not anything we are used to. It is not the dubstep, head banging, shuffling, house, pop EDM, played at festivals music that we associate with EDM. It is an all new beast. Adopting it as a new type of music, not to be compared to others, allowed for us to appreciate the work as Aphex would intend.

Collapse EP exposes the rest of the community to this progressive personal listening EDM. These songs inspired us to invent this weeks Where’s the Vibe vocab word: “journey jams”. The entire EP is dedicated to these weird completely complex electronic computer sounds that have no vibe, but rather these ambient EDM sounds. They are like video game soundtrack songs, ones where you have this intense emotion and distracting. There is just so much going on, and it isn’t about dancing or vibing. It is more about the experience.

This may not have been our favorite album, but it was an experience we never would have had if we didn’t choose Aphex for this weeks album. Collapse EP was a compilation of songs that showcases an exceptional understanding of how to produce music, without sacrificing any sound. It really opens you to EDM past what this page has provided before, and far beyond the limits of mainstream EDM music. The obscurity and altering experience this EP provided was something special and shocking.

Though it may not be an album we return to or put on our playlists, it is an album that will be a milestone for us.Collapse EP was such an expansive and exposing album for us as individuals in the EDM community. It may not have been a home run for us or even an album we loved, but it was an album that we hold in high regard for presenting us with a new way to listen to EDM. Congrats Aphex Twin on Collapse EP and the highest regards to you for exposure to your highly complex music.

Until next week.


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