Despite his DJ name…

Aphex Twin is like no other (sibling or artist)…

But instead he grew up with two older sisters that helped him start his musical career on piano at age 11. In the 80s he started taking apart electronics gear and then in the late 80s he started DJing raves. After that he started getting some airplay time on KissFM he got signed by a record label in 1992. The next year he was signed by Warp Records and is currently still at that label.

His style of music is something I have never really heard of before, I was comparing it to trance music, but others call it Intelligent Dance Music (IDM). IDM is said to be best suited for home listening than dancing. Others call it Braindance an I completely understand why, there are so many sounds going on that it makes your Braindance and think about every sound in each song. The more I think about the type of music it makes me relate it back to the Braindance title of when I listened to Collapse EP it made my “brain dance” with all the different kinds of sounds he has in each song.

Aphex Twin is someone that neither of us have heard of and now I know why… He is hitting all the British charts and just isn’t our style of EDM. With 7 albums  at the age of 47, he is still releasing new music for his over 1 million listeners on Spotify!

I think Aphex Twin produces a very different style of music but you must give the guy some props for making music for that long in his life. Another thing I want to say in conclusion is that you must give this man some credit for the type of music he makes it’s a very different style. But, also I know there is a great deal of skill to produce this type of music.

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