The sixth Thrival Music X Arts festival was this past Friday, and we had the pleasure of being in attendance. First and foremost, we want to thank everyone that helped make this event possible and also thank Thrival for presenting us two GA tickets to your festival. This is our first experience being offered tickets to any festival, and was a big step in the direction of our goals. So with that thank you, we will do what we do best and review.

Just as a reminder, we review festivals and concerts by the following criteria: venue, artists, strong points, and points for improvement. Since this is only our second one, we thought we would just remind you. We also want to make you aware that we arrived late to this festival, and were in a rain delay for three of the four hours we were there. Understanding the weather had a HUGE pull on how the festival went is important to note, but also gave us a view of aspects of the festival we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.


It is actually kind of ironic the venue of Thrival being a soccer field. We seem to only like festivals around or in soccer fields so far. However, Thrival gave us what we wanted from a soccer field venue. They absolutely killed it! They used the Highmark Stadium to their complete advantage, and let us rage on a turf field (super cool). In regard to the stage and other attractions, the field acted as the center ground. Meaning not only could you see where everything was from the soccer field, but also it was only a short walk away. Food trucks, the merch tent, art tents (which we unfortunately didn’t get to see), bleachers that housed restrooms, and a serving bar. The ease of access and openness were refreshing at this festival. There was a sense of efficiency getting whatever you needed, whenever you needed it.

The location of Highmark as a venue was also AMAZING. The stadium was right on the river front, and gave a beautiful view of Pittsburgh. Especially as day turned to night, you really could appreciate how close you were to the city. That closeness that provided such a scenic view however, harmed the festival in one way: rules. Being so close to the city, the venue had to abide by city ordinances. Those ordinances restricted the concert to end by eleven o’clock. This wouldn’t have been as much of an issue had there not been such a long storm that moved in.

Now to talk about the venue in regard to the storm… the never-ending storm. Highmark was the perfect place to be stuck for hours waiting out rain. First and foremost the jumbotron and stadium speakers were used as great information spreading tools. They were used to aware people the field was being evacuated for a coming storm, and speed their seeking of shelter. Seeking shelter was no problem seeing there were multiple covered areas outside the field, and one with that serving bar. Our group chose the cover closest to the box office entrance, and thank goodness we did. We were able to look at the merchandise selection, get food and beer from the bar, and use the restroom all without feeling a drop of rain. This was another benefit of the stadium, even if it isn’t a feature you want to use.


So the rain really put a damper on the festival in this aspect- no pun intended. The rain lasted for so long that it actually cut out the only other set we would have seen, and cut the headliner slot down to 30 minutes. We were only sad really about one of those harms, and that was the fact that Dillon Francis was cut to only have a half hour to play. Otherwise we didn’t mind much because the other artists we not EDM. Dillon Francis was our drive to go to Thrival, and was the only EDM at Thrival. So the artist lineup does not really make this an EDM festival, but we pursued the little bit there was. And we wouldn’t have changed that for the world.

Dillon Francis is our favorite artist as a page. We have grown a friendship through his music, found such passion in EDM through him, adore his character and attitude, and have tattoos for him. You know all of this if you follow our Twitter or Instagram.  Even though he had 30 minutes he absolutely killed it in every aspect. He played so much amazing EDM, and payed homage to Pittsburg by closing with music from the late and great Mac Miller. We will never miss him whenever he is playing close, because seeing him together was beyond a dream come true (especially because of this). Thrival absolutely killed it by having Dillon as their headliner.

Done Well and Needs Work

We have had high regards for Thrival, as you have read, and just want to highlight one more success. We were blown away by the stellar response and communication, by Thrival, to the serious weather. The rain really could have torn this festival to shreds, but because of their response and evident preparedness it didn’t. Thrival was amazing at communicating exactly what was going on over every platform they could. You could see the work going on around you and felt fully aware of the situation. And like we talked about during our discussion of venue, they kept us happy the entire time. It was amazing that at such a rainy gloomy event, we left really pleased with the time we spent there.

As we said we really enjoyed the little bit of the festival we were able to, but there is always something to improve on. For Thrival, we saw two minor improvements needed. First of all, we would have loved to hear some music during our rain delay. Of course the rain wasn’t planned for, making this a situational issue, but music would have kept the vibes higher during the wait.

Our second critique comes down to the tickets. We bought $60.00 tickets for the pit passes. Those tickets were supposed to get better access and view of the stage, but turned out to not be worth it. We stood closer than most people in the pit- outside of the pit. We also were able to make this happen, because we were not in the pit and could get to Dillon’s photographer walking by. We hope that Thrival either gets rid of the Pit Pass ticket completely and just sells GA passes, or upgrades the pit experience.

All around the short Thrival experience was amazing. A strong responsiveness, intelligent set-up, and ultimately the BEST headliner made Thrival a great time regardless of the rain. We wish we could have experienced more of the vibes there, but we got one strong vibe from Thrival and that was Dillon Francis. Dillon Francis used such a short time to set and maintain such a great vibe, and left us just wishing there was no ordincance or rain. With all that said, thank you again Thrival for the great experience and hopefully we will be back next year. Thank you Dillon Francis for always being our boy, putting on an amazing show, and showing love to what we made you (hopefully we will be able to sell you some soon… 🙂 ).

Thank you for reading, and we will see you tomorrow for our regular posts. Peace.

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