This week we are checking what DeadMau5’s label has caught…

We were lucky enough to find Julian Gray, and his EP Autonomous. in the mau5trap.

We finally have DJ with matching stage and birth name this week. Julian Gray, by birth and on stage, is our featured artist. Growing up in Maryland with a mother and father in music, he essentially has always had mau5 blood running through his veins. And by releasing his first killer house EP under the mau5trap record label, Julian just publicly gave a blood sample .

Known now as “the try-hard” by Deadmau5, Joel originally met Joel at a Mau5trap pop up store. Due to his extrely hard work ethic and admirable networking, Joel already knew of Julian’s music. Simply being known didn’t give Julian immediate fame, since Julian didn’t hear from Deadmau5 for about a year. Julian got his first mau5trap with his single “Resident Try-Hard”, and kept moving to then release “Autonomous”, in 2017. From there, Julian was signed and this EP was born.

This artist has put in a lot of work to get noticed by the person he looks up to the most, and he surely got to that point with this new EP. His house sounds have ties to Deadmau5, but unique sound and clear advanced production help establish his own sound. Could this be the next DJ to wear the Mouse head? Mouse or not I definitely am glad to see him caught in the house mousetrap.

Until next week.


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