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I was confusing myself with Dillon Francis’s alter ego just like I confused myself with Dillon’s all Spanish new album, WUT WUT. But, in both cases, these confusions are the best confusions one could make.

Dillon Francis is our favorite artist/DJ to ever set foot on this earth, we have matching tattoos that prove that he is our favorite DJ forever. Dillon is someone we look up to as a person and a DJ. He produces the exact music that we love and he is one of the funniest people we know through his Snapchat and Instagram. The day I moved in with Austin he told me to add someone that I never really heard of on Snapchat and that was our boy, Dillon. This was where the love all started with a simple add friend on Snapchat. His Snapchat stories were what I looked forward to every day.

Let’s get into the history of the man, the myth, and the legend Dillon Francis. At the age of 18 he convinced his parents to take a year off school and work in their back house and make music. The goal for this year off was to prepare and get to perform at Steve Aoki’s nightclub. The bigger goal within that was to become an expert DJ. Taking the time to perfect his trade pole-vaulted him to a Moombahton collaboration with Diplo in 2011 “Que Que”. Which inspired his newest album title: WUT WUT ( Que Que means what-what in Spanish so it just refers back to the original collaboration with Diplo). Moombahton is a genre that he started off his career with and something that resided in him his whole life.

Then in 2012 he released two singles, “I.D.G.A.F.O.S.” and “Bootleg Fireworks (Burning Up)”. Bootleg Fireworks is one of my personal favorites, of Dillon Francis’ songs. That same year he also released songs on many labels including Dim Mak Records, Mad Decent, and OWSLA.

In 2013 he was named one of the “artists to watch” by MTV. He then proved that it was true in 2014 when he released “Get Low” with DJ Snake in February. Soon after that, he announced that he would be releasing his debut album later 2014 entitled Money Sucks, Friends Rule. In early 2015 he would start his Friends Rule Tour in 18 different cities across the US.

In 2015 Dillon started to really make a name for himself with a new EP called This Mixtape Is Fire this EP showed some of his history with Moombahton. But this EP featured some of the biggest names in EDM including Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Bro Safari, and Kygo. Soon thereafter in 2016, he released collaborations with NGHTMRE(“Need You”), GTA (“Candy”), and Will Heard (Anywhere”).

Then in 2017, he released one of my favorite songs “Say Less” featuring G-Eazy. IDGAFOS you tryna fuck? Yes on yes on yes SAY LESS. The leadup to the drop in that song just makes me want to rage every time I hear it! That same year Dillon parted ways with Columbia Records to create his own record label IDGAFOS. He said on his new record label he would be going back to his Moombahton roots and release his first album centered around that moombahton style of music. On Spotify, he had a short film to explain why he was doing this… the main goal was to collaborate and meet as many people as he could and to focus on something that means a lot to him. People may not have understood why he was doing this and some would say hate on him for doing it, but for me when he explained it to us over Spotify it made complete sense to me. Dillon finally stated that he doesn’t give a fuck or shit about what everyone thinks, it’s really all about him and the people that will support him through the process.

What Would Diplo Do? Dillon would know because he makes his acting debut in 2017. In the show, Dillon is Diplo’s best friend Jasper. I watched this series all the way through when it came out on Hulu. Dillon was his funny self, like always, and knowing him and Diplo are best friends in real life just made the show seem so realistic. Continuing his TV Fame… he was on a “game show” called Taskmasters. This show featured Dillon and others performing tasks that featured how funny they really are. This show I also watched all the episodes and was cracking up the whole time even though Dillon came in last but he was in my mind the funniest on the show.

Rounding out his career this year he released his first album on his record label IDGAFOS called WUT WUT. This is his first moombahton only album that he was working on for the past two years. This is our album of the week and what an album it really is. Even though it is in all Spanish it’s just so well put together and the beats are all sick. Anyone can just vibe to any of these new and amazing songs.

To round out this artist bio let me just talk about Dillon as a performer and a person. As a performer, he has some of the best stage presence and fun I have seen from a DJ. Seeing Dillon live twice just makes me want to see him 10 more times. No matter how long his set, from seeing him at Shaky Beats, for an hour and a half,  to seeing him at Thrival Fest, for 30 minutes, he just puts on one hell of a show. But as a person, I think he is one of the funniest people I follow on Instagram or Snapchat. Like he said in an interview he just thinks of all of it on the spot, from Gerald his pet piñata having birthday parties to Preston, one of Dillon’s multiple alter ego. All of it is so fun and theatrical. Yet one moment of Dillon I will never forget is one where he was super real.  That moment happened when we were in Pittsburg for Thrival music festival and he did something that I had never seen him do… shout out someone that made a shirt for him. And the reason it was all the more memorable was because Where’s The Vibe made that shirt. We worked so hard to get the shirt to his photographer, which later turned into Dillon wearing the shirt and shouting us out on his Snapchat story, that night. This had Austin and me erupting like screaming fangirls in a Pittsburg arcade bar. One of the happiest moments of our lives. We cannot wait to see what Dillon does next in his career, but we can guarantee that it will be something GREAT and something that He DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK OR SHIT about!

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