We have tweeted it, written it, demonstrated it, so I guess I can say one more time that Dillon Francis is our favorite. His music is in the background of so many moments of our lives. His inside jokes flow through our friend groups. His merch fills our drawers. He just has done so much for us, and he hasn’t even met us (yet…). All of that though, cannot be repaid. We will always do our best to try though.

This playlist is one of those ways we aim to show how grateful we are. “Here’s the Dill” is our grouping of all of our favorites from Dillon Francis. All the old and new music that has given us so much. We share this with you in hopes Dillon can be there in your moments and lives, as he has been in ours. It is exciting to see the change and growth of his music through this playlist. What is highlighted in this Dillon Francis barely scratches the surface of the artist and person he is. We hope this week has given you a new favorite artist, or even just a new view on a dope ass dude. If not IDGAFOS anyway, so no biggy.

Until next week.


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