No random pick this week, because since day one of this blog we have been waiting to review this album. This album has been in the works for two years and has finally arrived. The strongly ambitious and culturally bridging album, WUT WUT, was released this past Friday, Sept. 28, by Dillon Francis on his IDGAFOS label. We have all waited long enough for this, so LET’S FUCKING GO DUDE.

With so many single releases, mix teases, snap promos, release parties, Q&A’s, and so much more, it was impossible to not be so excited about WUT WUT. Dillon Francis was not shy about letting you know about his ambitious new project, and it was worth all of the hype. The Spanish language album is a must listen for everyone. The melding of language, dance beats, and just a well-constructed cohesive vibe makes WUT WUT something so unique for the listener. From the top of the album, the tracks slowly condition you to embrace the Spanish dance album you dig farther into with each song switch. “White Boi” is one of the few tracks with more than a line or two of English. It kicks off gently with these bold female vocals accompanied by some strumming, then built upon with caps. You can feel the Latin sounds within the first seconds, even during English lyrics. Such a simple rhythm built to compliment the vocals moves into a high treble drop. You hear the dance music piercing through and matching the Latin sound. The two cycle, until the end of the song, which gentle leaves you floating into our next track.

As you float out of “White Boi”, you gently land on the shores of “Esta Noche”. A song that has a harder registering bass, but seemingly more mild vocals. The song feels very mystical due to the higher wind-like sounds, with the softer Spanish vocals. Your mysticism continues into the drop but really kicks up the dance vibe. The song has such a strong percussion line following, “T-T-Turn up the rhythm”, that still holds the high wind section, but uncovers the urge to dance even further than the last. A feeling that will only escalate as the album moves along.

With another step up on the move-your-feet-meter, “No Pare” enters the mix. This song is again softer registered vocals mixed with instrumental sounds and lighter electronic sounds. The song adopts such a happy vibe which with the quickening pace continues to just make you want to dance. The type of dance where you just are looking into the sky, arms spread wide, slowly stepping yourself in a circle, smiling, because you have not a worry in the world.

Lighthearted and dancing “No Pare” moves into “Sexo”. This quirky song is defined by Spanish rap and a super catchy hook. The song is so strange and different, almost animated. It makes sense that this song was choreographed a dance. It is just such a fun piece that keeps the vibes up and feature some strong Spanish rapping.

The Spanish rap continues into “Never Let You Go”. While the song features a lot more vocals than rapping, it is important to highlight the breakdown is rap. The song uses a lot more electronic moving synth, with piano and varied percussion to showcase the rap section and vocal section differently. Even though there is a switch depending on what style the vocals are, there is such a summer and sun vibe. This feeling of being free and happy radiate from the album, and especially “Never Let You Go”.

From rap to vocals with rap, “We The Funk” is this crazy synthesis of the two. The vocals are unique in a way that they seem to be delivered more like rap, but with these singing undertones. The voice acts like such a unique instrument in this song especially, just because it is so electric. With the unique percussion falling ringing tones setting the groovy beginning, the vocals then begin to whisper deeply to indicate the groove is coming. A line of vocals is sung, and then the deep end hits and slides us into this sexy funky hook. There really isn’t a better way to describe that feeling without using the word “funk” from the title.

Funk pops into crazed bopping rhythm once we hear “Look At That Butt”. A very bouncy yet abrasive song, that just hypes you up, and makes you want to lose your mind. The song accompanies those sharper female vocals with a constantly heightening pace until *pop* we are in this well planned noisy section. Dillon makes so much happen in the hooks of “Look At That Butt” in such a clean way. There is so much packed in there- moving so fast as your body has to this song. You can really see the difference in pace and energy, now, between here and the beginning of the album.

The intensity meter continues to be turned up, after “Look At That Butt”. We enter a rap track that is almost mosh-like for Dillon Francis. A heavy hitting track uses rap delivery that seems to mirror Tyler, the Creator’s “Tamale”. The track titled “Cuando” has this aggressive feel that just makes you want to rage. Still adopting the dance and Spanish vibes, “Cuando” as well as the next track, “Ven”, are these darker tracks. We aren’t as blissfully joyful during these, but rather adrenaline high. You move between the songs so easily because of that united vibe. Two tracks that just demonstrate the ends of the spectrum WUT WUT is able to hit.

Taking us a little out of the dark energy, “BaBaBa” is the eleventh track. The song uses lower toned female vocals that contrast the higher rapid sounds that create this hot dance track. Another crazy song that balances so well that you see how artful it is, and the only way to pay homage to Dillon’s talent is to dance. Which is exactly what the last track on the list DEMANDS.

“Get It Get It” is the pinacle of Dillon Francis. The song opens with these boisterous trumpets with echoing voice to magnify the grandeur. It is reminiscent of when the hero enters the picture in a Spanish film. Everything is just focused on just this moment; you can feel a deep breath stuck under your ribs, waiting to be exhaled. Which comes with the dance anthem Dillon Francis breaks into. The song is such a good cap to the escalating energy of WUT WUT and one of our top songs off of the album.

Wut Wut is possibly the most dynamic album release for EDM  this year. This is not because Dillon invented something or reinvented himself, but because it re exposed the raw potential of Dillon Francis. We always have seen Dillon as an amazing artist (we can’t say that enough clearly). Wut Wut however moves him so much further than that. Wut Wut demonstrates the growth of Dillon Francis as an artist, as he returns to his roots, while also demonstrating the passion he holds for his craft.

Even further, he takes his following and exposes them to another whole culture, with his music as the vessel. The eleven songs that furnish this album are elevating the way music is heard so many listeners. By eliminating the ability for many to understand, he requires the adoption of a new ear to listen; an ear that hears language as the instrument it is.

Of course Wut Wut can be translated and made to understand for Enlgish speaking listeners, but that’s not the point. Wut Wut is illuminating language as irrelevant in a sense. You don’t have to speak Spanish to love this music- you can vibe because he made an album that makes you feel regardless of words that tell you the feeling. Dillon Francis uses the different sounds of the Spanish language as a whole new sound board.

Wut Wut is listening to music again for the first time, trying to just hear everything and understand why it is making you feel the way it does. Words are not there to construe meaning, just sound : electronic sound, instrumental sound, and vocal sounds and their relation to each other through speed, pitch, rhythm, and timing. That’s a lot for some people. If you are able to look at it as reentrance into music listening, it is impossible to not hold this as such an amazing album. The fusion of the Spanish language, Spanish culture, and EDM is something we would have never anticipated loving. Something we were even resistant to, when Dillon first began releasing it. Yet now, we couldn’t imagine living without it. Dillon Francis set out to make something cohesive in nature, something that pays homage to what made him, and something that has all aspects of his passion flowing through it. By setting out to make those somethings, he made something greater than all of those parts for a global listening community.

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