This past weekend one of our Where’s the Vibe members got the pleasure of attending Breakaway Music Festival- Nashville. Tanner had the privilege of being in attendance for the two-day festival, and now bring his experiences to us. Before getting into the “Rave Review”, it is important to that Prime Social Group as a whole, for putting on another amazing festival. Not only that but also allowing promoters, like Tanner, to earn free tickets.

Even further, we wanted to personally thank two hard-working Prime Social Group members: Blake Miller and Jordan Canada. These are two members of the PSG team Where’s The Vibe knows personally. Beyond always making sure we have friendly faces at PSG events, the two always enhance our concert-going experiences. A prime example occurred last weekend; Blake hooked Tanner up with a Saturday VIP ticket. So again thank you to both of them and PSG as a whole.

The first day Tanner was unable to make it to DJ Desiel, one of his top artists of the weekend. He performed at 5pm on Friday and work prohibited Tanner getting there early enough to see him. This tragedy is why he did not make the following discussion and why Tanner did not start the festival on the highest note. When you’re low though, it is only up from there- let’s check it out…


Hands down one of the best venues he has ever been at. When you walk into the state park, you look up to see the main stage but behind that, you see the state capitol building: what an amazing view! Breakaway used this park to its full advantage, spanning across almost the entire green space, of the mall. From the port-a-potties to the main stage it was all so well laid out. The only thing that Tanner would have liked to be done differently was the entrance. There was only one entrance into the festival and on the first day at 5pm the line was about 30min long. Breakaway may want to investigate another entrance their second year for shorter lines.

Other than the entrance of the venue, the whole layout was well designed, from walking in the venue to either pick the path to the vendors or the food trucks and each path would lead you to the amazing view of the main stage. The Silent disco was in the back of the venue by the entrance and by some live art as well. The second day, when Tanner got VIP, his girlfriend was telling him how bad the viewing area could be. Soon after that, he found out that the VIP area was on the rail right of the main stage. The preconceived notion of VIP areas being bad was left in the dust when Tanner was rail for Shaun Frank.


This concert had so many of the EDM vibes Where’s the Vibe was looking for. The festival held Illenium to NGHTMRE and countless silent disco DJs. Tanner had previously seen almost all the artists at this festival but that’s not really what it’s all about, it’s about the vibes each artist put out. He thought that each EDM performance had the fresh EDM vibes he was looking for.

Day one he sent most of his day listening to the EDM vibes at the Silent Disco tent, since he only wanted to see 3 performances on the main stage that day (3LAU, Quinn XCII, and Griz). The rest of the day, in between these sets, he spent at the silent disco. Some of the artists he saw there were: Seizure, Lucy Jane, and Sickish. Out of all of these artists, Tanner thought two DJs really brought the vibes to define day one: Seizure and Griz. Seizure just threw down in the silent disco. He was able to establish amazing energy, by mirroring the energy he expected out of the crowd, on stage. The biggest vibe of day one, however, goes to Griz… He is the Jazziest EDM artist and he knows how to get the crowd hype.

Day two was more EDM heavy. Shaun Frank started off Tanner’s day and Illenium rounded it. Shaun Frank was a house artist that he had never heard of before, but he brought the fresh and chill vibes to start off the day. Tanner continued to pop back and forth from the main stage to the silent disco. Day two brought out some new and different vibes. Tanner’s day two defining vibes were all from main stage artists. Those DJs were: Shaun Frank, NGHTMRE, and Illenium. Shaun Frank had the house vibes that were mixed with the new mainstream EDM vibes and his set turned out to be fantastic mash-up of both. Seeing NGHTMRE for the 4th time Tanner didn’t know what to expect. NGHTMRE put on a show that nobody could have ever imagined, his drops were something Tanner has never heard before and he did it with extreme precision. The final vibe of the day came from Illenium and even though he has seen them before this time it was totally different. He just had the right mindset going into this performance and the result was mind-blowing. Tanner says that for each set you have to prepare your mind for the type of EDM music you are about to listen to and you will have a mind-altering experience.

Done Well and Needs Work

Tanner has touched on some of the great and not so great aspects of the venue and the artists. As a festival, there are some overall things that he needs to tell you about. He will start by telling you some stuff that was well done and then move into a list of changes that he would like to see for next year.

Breakaway Nashville killed it on the location of the event and the setup/ layout of the event. There were a few different sponsors that stood out to me including PlayStation and Blu. The PlayStation truck had 2K and Madden, and more games that you could just walk up and play. Then there was the opportunity to buy a vape for $1 and get 3 refills just to get their name out. It’s a great marketing opportunity to have a partnership with PSG to do this at their fests. The food vendors were all local and the one where Tanner got his food from was fresh chicken wraps and it was a good way to get some fresh food at a festival. The beer lines were short due to having so many around the festival. But going back to the venue and location of the event, that could not have gotten any better.

Some things that Tanner thinks breakaway can improve on for next year was the entrance. He was trying to think of other things that the festival could improve on but all of them really revolve around the entrance. Day one around 5pm like mentioned earlier Tanner had to wait in line for about 30min this was probably since it was the festival’s first year in Nashville and at this venue. Another thing revolving around the entrance was the poor communication of where to be dropped off from a ride sharing app. There was only one Instagram story post per day touching on where to be dropped off. The communication could have been a little better on that front. But the Second day it only took Tanner about 2 min to get into the festival.

Overall Breakaway Nashville killed it in their first year and Tanner would like to see them continue this festival next year, and hopefully get the other half of Where’s The Vibe there. Until next year, thank you Breakaway Fest!

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