New k?d on the block, has a bunch of hits. Find Paradise is the shit…

Sure that’s not how LFO may have said it back in the 90’s, but it sure does make for a good opening line this week. We are proud to have the privilege of discussing k?d’s debut EP, Find Paradise. On the album, k?d demonstrates an ability to move with fluidity between genres. Genre jumping from synth-pop to darker dubstep techno, then finishing somewhere in the hardcore realm. With all that movement, k?d does not muddle the album nor lose the listener. k?d’s understanding and application, of percussion and beat placement, unifies the album, no matter the musical style of the song.

Find Paradise introduces us to so many different sounds but begins with a synth built vocal: “Electronic Memories”. “Electronic Memories” utilizes synth to create a very light feeling that moves around the vocals, while being guided by a precise drum and bass line. The song moves from light beginnings into a funky breakdown, then escalates to a heavy dubstep sound and drops back into the light synth sound we began with.

The first song goes to demonstrate k?d’s defining talent: purpose and placement in making music. There is no sound that arises in the first song that does not reappear later or transform into a new sound. Each beat is placed in a way that is explained in the next. The music demonstrates the true WORK, in k?d’s artwork. And he is able to make that sound and highlight precision without overdoing it. Such a commendable talent should be focused when listening to this album.

Moving from “Electronic Memories”, we next encounter “Creator’s Flower”. This song adopts more of a dubstep/techno vibe that mixes with the synth-pop sound from before. The song is rapidly paced and continuously building. Beginning with this pace-setting melody that uses computer produced percussion, the song adds layers every couple of seconds it seems. The listener can feel the additions as the song goes on but again feels they belong where they are due to k?d’s crafting ability. The layering is what keeps a listener enjoying a five-minute song. The soundscape of “Creator’s Flowers” sucks us in and keeps us in this rhythmic trans. It hardly seems you have spent five minutes on one song because it was interesting to follow the entire time.

From the extensively changing sounds of “Creator’s Flower”, we see a very drastic change in sound transitioning to “Polluted Blood”. When before we had a strong utilization of higher tones and synth, “Pollute Blood” hits the switch and turns out the light. The production of this song uses dark techno mixed with steadily paced dubstep to create a weight that seems to pull your soul into the ground. The song is unsettling and eerie.

Crawling out of the depths “Pollute Blood” left us in, we find this absolution in our title track. “Find Paradise” creates this perfect melding of darkness cut by golden light. The eclipse of the darker sounds provided by “Polluted Blood” mixing with both of the lighter vibes of “Electronic Memories” and “Creator’s Flower”, is so evident and beautiful. It is so fitting that the title song synthesizes all the preceding album.

When listening to “Find Paradise”, it again is so important to listen to the music as structure as well. The two sound types clashing is obviously heard, but the use of silence and offbeats enhance the song in such a strong way. The albums strong construction is a vibe in itself. The genres provide the listeners different sounds to love, but the assembly is just so very clean.

After “Find Paradise”, the album takes a turn. Not a bad turn, but again just different. Coming off of a very beautiful piece, “Tokyo” moves us into a different mindset. The song is very techno electronic. You can hear the dubstep piece as well as techno, then mixed with some game music. “Tokyo” has this sort of boss battle sound. It is intimidating and very steady. Its the song you here at a concert that you look at your friend and make that sour surprised face and then start absolutely vibing. This sensation is a Where’s The Vibe vocab word called the “sour power”. It is like good homemade lemonade, it’s jolting and makes your face contort but after that, you’re ready to suck the whole thing down.

The different vibe that “Tokyo” brings is then adopted and heightened by the final song. “Destroy The Universe” is the peak pace and strongest percussion hitting song. This is an absolute hardcore dance song. You can’t help but feel heavily caffeinated and armed for any task in your path. You are the acid that interacts to produce energy in a battery, you are the atom being split to create energy in a power plant, you are the embodiment of raw energy. It is such a heightening feeling and leaves your heart racing at the end of the album.

Hearts pumping and out of breath, we have made it to the end of Find Paradise. K?d has used his first EP to demonstrate his true crafting ability. Precision and percussion define the type of music he makes, and he proves he can do it well (and with different sounds). We are excited to have covered k?d’s first album, and as with any artist are excited to see where he goes. So that brings us to the end of another post.

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