KD?… but this isn’t a basketball blog?

Oh excuse my mix up! Must have got lost finding paradise and switched the letters up. k?d brings us his debut EP Find Paradise and is our artist of the week. Let’s get to know the kid that is k?d.

Patrick Cybulski is 21 years old born in Miami, Florida and is known by his stage name k?d. He is an artist that I had no knowledge of before this week. So this was a learning experience for me and will be one for you.

First and foremost, I think that it is insane that an artist this young is able to be this successful. It takes so much hard work to get to where he currently is at in his music career, and he has done so with the short time he has had. That being said he has only been in the industry since 2015… now lets dive into the history of this mystery man k?d.

He released quite a list of songs in 2015. Those releases included “Gold Blood”, “Space Cowboy”, “Bits & Pieces”, and “ Paperplane”. Within the same year, he releases these songs on two different record labels. With that being said I believe that k?d was trying to flood the market with so many songs to get his name out there and it worked. He worked with those two record labels and released remixes and singles all year long.

In 2016 it was the year of the remixes for k?d, He released more than 12 remixes of big-name artists like GTA, Porter Robinson, Illenium, Daft Punk, and The Weekend. In my mind releasing remixes helps the artist make a name for themselves by feeding off of the energy of the big name artists. 2016 helped k?d boost his follow and traction within the EDM realm.

In 2018 he tried something very different than what e had seen from him in the past. He released his first EP October 5th, 2018. This EP has 6 tracks that vary from Dubstep to Techno. This album was something completely different than sounds I heard in the past, but you can read about how we felt about Find Paradise in our other weekly post. But I bring up the different sounds to showcase the album’s success. k?d said in an interview with Billboard his main goal with the album was to push the musical boundaries and that he did.

As for seeing Patrick in concert… I think that would be something that I would thoroughly enjoy due to his library of sounds/songs. The extensive repertoire of sounds makes it so easy for him to play to any EDM vibe. If he can mix all of those different genres of EDM into one EP I could only imagine what a live set from k?d would bring.

Patrick is a very different artist in many ways but the two things that stand out to me the most is his age and his willingness to go out and make different shit. With how young k?d is he has the potential to go anywhere he wants with his career. Releasing his first EP at 21 years old and not being afraid to make it different from anything else out there fuels that ability. He is on the track to become the next big name in EDM with his talent to create any type of music at such a young age. I am going to put this k?d on my radar as one of the up and coming stars in the EDM realm.

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