Sometimes getting over the hump of the week is real tough. However, Tanner had no trouble this week. Seeing Jauz on his Bite This tour in Nashville, TN pushed him right over his hump day. This marked one of Tanner’s first EDM concerts in Nashville and it most certainly won’t be the last, for any of Where’s The Vibe. So let’s talk about why.


Limelight: named for the artists in it, not the lighting. As Tanner was walking up on the side of the bar he could hear the bass pumping through the walls of the venue. The sound from the inside amplified his eagerness to get attacked by Jauz set.

There was some security on the outside checking tickets and just monitoring the common outside area. This area was open and gave everyone a place to get a breath of fresh air or a smoke. From there, Tanner walked inside and collided with the merchandise stand. It was clear he had to get something, but the dilemma was what to get… Tanner was able to talk to the merch worker for a while, and found out about his role. He actually gets to travel with Jauz on his tour and sell merch all over- super cool opportunity for him.

Continuing into the venue Tanner found out the true magnitude of the venue. At the bar, he noticed some of the venue was actually closed for that concert, because it would have been excessive; that is crazy big! The stage was set up in the open corner of the venue, which Tanner thought was an awkward position. A cornered stage is not usually preferred, but it worked for the venue. Limelight held its large size standard to all aspects. They had big bathrooms, big bar, and the best… a big dance floor. Tanner did not feel cramped on the dance floor, even as he moved up closer to the stage. Which is a huge plus for any venue.


Tanner saw two artists, Skepsis and Jauz. He showed up at 10:30pm, just in time to catch Skepsis. Then left around 1am after Jauz finished his set.

Skepsis had a sound that Tanner had never heard of before, one of the reasons that could be is because the man is from the UK. Bringing some unique sounds from non-US EDM. That different sound got Tanner warmed up to see Jauz, what an opener is supposed to do, right? His unique sound got the crowd amped up and jumping around, even at one point had them head banging. Tanner really liked Skepsis as a DJ and stage presence. He also got the opportunity to meet Skepsis personally, for a brief picture after the show.

Let’s not bite our tongues now and forget to talk about our headliner, Jauz. He was someone that Where’s The Vibe has wanted to see for a long time. So the hype that lead up to this concert, for Tanner, was at an all-time high. An energy that was matched and amplified by one of the most amazing sets that Tanner has ever seen. The way Jauz was able to control the crowd was outstanding. At the age of 25, he has such a marvelously developed stage presence. His set flow was beyond what Tanner was used to. Drop after drop after drop Tanner just kept raging. Jauz ability to construct and perform a smooth set was then elevated by the incorporation of his new music. He used a lot of The Wise And The Wicked (an album we talked about) to close the show, which was arguably the greatest way to end the set.

Done Well and Needs work

The Venue was used well, even though the majority wasn’t used. The knowledge of how much open venue was something that was a strong positive, in Tanner’s mind. Even though the merch table gentleman was saying how it was not one of the best. But of course he was comparing it to the best venues Jauz played on this tour.

Another done well was the transition between Skepsis and Jauz. The switch was almost flawless and took no time at all. This is something that most concerts or festivals don’t do well, and can make or break energy levels. This concert was able to do it without a hitch.

A couple things that could have been better for Tanner starts with attendance. Nothing to do with the venue or artist, but something that would have boosted both. More people raving and vibing to amazing music always seems to make it better.

The second was the section in front of the stage that was a “rail”. The “rail”  however, didn’t extend out to the side of the stage. That created this sort of awkward area where a security guard stood to block people from getting onto the stage. More rail for Tanner would have made this concert perfect.

Overall this was one of Tanner’s favorite shows, even though he went by himself. But, he really wasn’t alone because he got to honor a good friend of ours. This concert was for Ryan Reeb that passed away two years ago on that date. And this was the perfect concert on that day for Tanner to rage with Reeb.

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