Weekends that Where’s The Vibe as a whole gets to come together and catch a vibe together are the best. Luckily this past weekend was one of those weekends, and Valentino Khan and all his openers were an AMAZING vibe to catch. Before we get into talking all about it, we want to extend a few thank you’s.

First and foremost we want to thank long-time friend Christian Bistany. He gave us the ability to get our camera in, to be apart of his pre-show, to see the show preparation, to network, and to be a larger part of his show. Secondly, thank you to My Best Friend’s Party and Skully’s for hosting a phenomenal night. And lastly, a thank you to all of the artists that performed. What we do is not possible without what all of those artists do, so it should go without saying how grateful we are to them. Now with thank yous locked in, let’s get to business.


This is our first time as a blog and company attending a concert at Skully’s. Nowhere near our first concert here, however. As returning patrons, we have nothing but pretty positive things to say. The venue is very well broken up, and a decent size. The venue has a”dining area off of the entrance, which gives you a nice place to sit and chill. A coy spot to get away from the crowd and music for a breath, while still holding the dive-bar-vibe of the rest of the venue.

A mock hallway then leads you into the dance floor, which is always seemingly perfect for the number of people who attend these shows. The stage is set on a lift in the back of the venue, so all the sound pours out directly through the club, and out the front door.

Above the dance floor, there is another area with seating and just a different view of the stage. The stairs come off of the corner of the stage and do not take away from the dance floor. Most of the technical side of the venue is also located up there, again demonstrating a great use of space.

Moving back down to the main floor, there are doors on each side of the stage that lead to the patio. It is a simple concrete slab, about the same size as the dance floor. Like the front, it is another nice spot to get out of the crowd and still hear the music, while cooling off. It is always great in the summer but was a little chilly on Saturday- which just made cooling off quicker.

One of the smoothest parts of the venue is the bar. Other than the bathroom, there is not a place in Skully’s that you cannot easily get a drink. The large wrap-around bar covers your needs on the main floor, with a small bar up on the second, and the patio has it’s own little garage-style stocked bar. The union of all of these aspects makes Skully’s a top venue for concerts in Columbus.


This concert is so special for us, and so much of that is due to the line-up. From having one of our best friends as an opener to the relationships we formed with other openers, and then the reason we bought tickets over a month ago, Valentino Khan, these artists were beyond expectation. We were glad to have been there to experience and capture every set.

Starting the night off was Tanner. He laid down a strong mix of EDM. With great transitions and an anchor is house beats, he really started the night off right for the early comers. A strong artist who we had the pleasure of talking to, at different points during the night.

The house vibe the Tanner planted was then grown ten-fold by our friend Christian Bistany. Christian moves flawlessly through the house genres, without losing his own sound within it. Flowing from deep house to tech house to electro house to even some tropical house and incorporating his own music with ease, is what makes him such an unparalleled DJ. Beyond just his talent, he has a fun and loving stage presence that mirrors his genuine personality. Look out on our Twitter this week for his NEW MUSIC.

Scott Telesz elevated the energy from house to dubstep in his set. Another very clean artist with a solid grip on how to amp up a crowd with heavy bass and loud beats. His set saw a lot of people trickle in, and he was really setting the energy for a hype night. He is another artist we got to talk to pretty extensively and really saw his passion for EDM. He had nothing to say but good things about all the artists before him and was extremely humble about his own talent.

After Scott, Nick, a DJ with roles in My Best Friend’s Party, took over. His set was another that held a lot of different types of EDM and didn’t carry a specific vibe. He didn’t match the dubstep energy of his preceding artist but did play a lot of strong EDM- which is NEVER a bad set.

After Nick, ETC! ETC! took the stage. He was the perfect vibe setter for his headliner. He threw down these high paced dance beats that kept your feet moving, head bobbing, and the crowd jumping. He had phenomenal visuals and vibes. The mix of hardstyle, mainstream EDM, chart-topping music, and trap set such a strong energy. His stage presence was not the strongest, but he let his music and visuals that really did it for him. A killer opener for Valentino Khan.

Closing out our long night was the MAN, Valentino Khan. As an artist, he makes phenomenal music, as a DJ he sets phenomenal music, and as stage presence, he has amazing energy. He goes down as one of our favorite sets. He interacted with the crowd so strongly, by radiating the energy he expected. His hardstyle trap vibe mixes so well with mainstream hip-hop, through amazing remixes. He had THE vibe of the concert, and we cannot wait until we can see him again.

Done Well and Needs Work

As we have seen in the past, the venue is simple but strong. The simplicity of the venue brings ease to the flow of the show. Artists’ sets flow one right into the other, without a skip of a beat. The smoothness and simplicity of both the venue and set flow, are done so well- enhancing the vibes set by the music, never taking away.

With a strong lineup good lineup and pacing, there are only small things we can look to see improve. We found two small things. One is the lack of merch. We wanted to see some sort of vendor in the venue. We would have love merch and would have loved to walked home with some from such a good night. Two is the draft. They kept both doors open to the patio, which was not really necessary. It made a little bit too strong of a breeze, which was cold to some at times.

But seriously, not being able to buy a t-shirt and a little cold breeze are our only complaints. So you can see we had an amazing time. Thank you again to My Bestfriend’s Party, Skully’s, our crew, and each an every artist. We had an amazing night filled with good vibes because of all of that. Hope you join us at our next rave, but until then.


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