Blow the dust off your tape deck; it’s time to pop in the CAZZETTE. The Swedish duo released Stereo Mono this past Friday, October 12, 2018. The EP runs five songs and is an impressive entry to CAZZETTE’s portfolio. The album uses very groovy rhythm and an army of amazing vocalists to keep the listener loving what each song change brings. So let’s press play and get started on this CAZZETTE.

With summer and festival season coming to an end, we always try and make the switch from there happy sunshine vibes to embracing EDM in the cold. The vibe just has to switch, at least for a little, to not bring the festival blues to hard. CAZZETTE has provided an amazing seasonal vibe switch. Stereo Mono is this perfect synthesis of sound that eases us out of the summer vibe, without blacking out the sun. The usual future house vibe of CAZZETTE mixed with a soft-light sort of groove makes a sound that we need right now.

“In Time” demonstrates the “transitional” season the music inhabits. The song showcases a male and female voice. The two intertwine through the songs duet format. In both voices, there is a sense of optimism, which conflicts lyrics that are talking about growing apart. The contrast present through different aspects of the song is then furthered by the rhythm. Being light and not super base heavy gives a happier feel, but with the use of a hazy sort of overlay, the contrast is reiterated. “In Time” generates the phenomenon of joyful tears into a song. It is truly beautiful and a strong start to Stereo Mono.

Adopting the same beginning sound, “Old Habits” steps up the pace and bass line. The female vocals of the song flow along a bouncy snare line, which develops this magnificent tech chime. The song moves the joyful tears of the first song into an ignorance is bliss attitude. Lyrically showcasing how the artist knows she is falling into old habits, but even so does it anyway.  Again the lyrical contrast matched by the switching of the sound’s energy when the song hits the chorus. A reserved calmer house song turns directly into a thumping-paced carefree dance anthem.

“On My Mind” loses the heaviness of the “In Time” bass line, but keeps up the pace. The strong higher end guided rhythm heads the song through the house vibes of CAZZETTE. They give “On My Mind” more of a trans feel than the songs before, and again have lyricists that match so well. The song talks about love and wanting something he cannot have- something he should refuse because of the toll it takes/has taken. Despite all of that though the lyrics still want that something (girl) none the less. This obsession and disregard for the preservation of self-described by the artist is a trans that is matched by the songs sound.

A song energy similar to “Old Habits” becomes “Run Run”. The use of lyrics and music to take the listener from a feeling of lowness to a feeling of bliss. Beginning with very mellow piano-like chords and a bubbling bass line, that breathes into a very upbeat weightless rhythm. The song builds us out of the normal to this swinging escape. Running away from the things that bring us down. “A little runaway” is a perfect lyric to describe this song. “Run Run”’s vocalist also demonstrates phenomenal singing ability; fluctuating octaves and keys to best move around the quick beat and enhance the sounds produced by CAZZETTE.

The final entry to this album is exactly the type of song we talked about in our first paragraph. “Missing You” is the homage to the festival weather and vibe. It is filled with good vibes, a solid bass line, and that feet fuel. The warmth of the sunshine from the rhythm, while the coolness of a breeze seems to come from the breath of the vocalist. The song belongs in a summer fest set and is perfect “see you soon” to the season we love so much. Fest season… we WILL be “Missing You”.

Of course, this album fell at the time we are saying goodbye to fest season. It serves a perfect safety net to wrap ourselves in to protect us from the converging blues approaching. But we do not want to only highlight it as such. CAZZETTE made an EP that is transcendent of any time. The lyrically poetic and rhythmically astonishing list of songs that they produced is amazing. This album is beautiful and resonates through the body. It gives you a lifting and radiating vibe, but carries these lyrics that are heavy: weighed down yet still hovering. The yin-yang construction method of this future house album is absolutely something we are on board with. Thank you to the duo for coming out with this amazing EP- it has definitely put some songs into our rotation. So time to flip the CAZZETTE and pop it back in for another listen.

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