The MAD DECENT label had two big EP releases this week, and luck of the draw put one of them under the knife on our dissection table. La Nueva Clásica, released October 19, 2018, is another album highlighting Latin culture through EDM. GTA uses their advanced song construction to twist and turn the Moombahton sound from song to song. The EP is another exciting chapter in Latin EDM movement. Now let’s get these plantains fam.

When listening to moombahton inspired music, it is always exciting to see how the artist looks to tackle the task. GTA use their new EP to do so in a variety of different ways. The first song on the EP tackles moombahton as a hip-hop song. “Buscando” uses the vocal line to guide the song. From the female vocals to the male announcing like screaming, the song is rooted in the vocals. The creation of the song like this allows for the rhythm to be built around the voice. GTA does this very well. Taking the percussive consonant and mirroring them with a strong thumping bass line, and then using brass/horn sounds to emulate the ringing nature of the Latin voice. “Buscando” has is a hot racing rhythm to open the album.

Where “Buscando” is heavier hitting and faster moving, GTA slows it down and smooths it out moving into “Mienteme”. The song adopts the same lyrically bound rhythm as “Buscando”, but chills it down. “Mienteme” mirrors the milder smoother voice by using a production that feels like it is rolling. The song has this constant calming feeling. It is mellow but given texture from the bump of the bass line. It carries the very smooth sexy vibe.

Smooth and sexy turns right back around to become an aggressive bop. GTA turns away from the Moombahton vibe, with “DJ Tool 8”. The song acknowledges the lower slower feeling of the last song; using an intro that builds up an prepares the listener for something bigger. “It’s too late” or “It’s Tool 8” are the repeated words of the song, and are about the only constant. The song is dynamic and crazy. It takes you to a high energy level and shakes your core, then slows it down and does the beginning of the song over again. However, when they come back to it, it feels as if the song is moving through molasses. There is still the energetic vibe and trap sounds, but they are muffled. It is a very interesting way to construct the song and adds texture.

“Botellas” serves as this crazy synthesis song of trap, dubstep, and moombahton. Beyond the Latin lyrics, the song uses a Latin riff continually through the song. The strings and brass line build and the pace boils over to produce Latin trap-dubstep. This song makes you want to do some salsa footwork, then plant your feet to break your neck. It is exciting and its quality is supreme. “Botellas” best embodies GTA in Moombahton. The synthesis of their establishes sound with the Latin culture is amazing.

“Muevei Booti” is another example of how Latin trap works. The song is a hard trap hitter that incorporates Latin rhythms sounds and voice. The song repeats the low register lyrics and cycles back into build-ups that lead to the trap breakdowns. It is a dark trap song that balances with under-laid higher soft rhythms and sounds. The song is strong in every category it can be put in. It again gives the album sound and tempo change, while still showcasing Moombahton inspirations.

The finale to the album, “YYZ”, is just a palette cleanser. It is a great taste to leave in your mouth and keeps what you love about the rest of the album. “YYZ” is this swiftly moving dance song that doesn’t overdo it on anything. It begs to be danced to but never pushes you too far while doing so. It is fun and bouncy and again a great close to the album because it wraps up everything that happened in the last five songs super well.

Another Moombahton influenced album is in the books. GTA gave us an amazing EDM experience with this EP. It tackles the Latin genre from ways we have not seen in the past and shows how GTA has the ability to make anything their own. There is such a strong demonstration of the production ability of the duo, with La Nueva Clásica. Tasty, textured, and Latin: we got those plantains.

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