Louis the child has always exhibited phenomenal production style, and understanding of vocals. They use every sound in order to best capture the vibe that is the vocalist. Framing the lyrics and voice in a way that never gets lost in production, but never overpowers the music the du makes. Because of this creative ability, they have a great catalog of vocal-based songs.

This week that catalog is highlighted, and enhanced by songs of the same nature. We Can Do This With Louis is a playlist that should be a staple of your EDM listening. These songs are driven by vocals and made by the EDM. They are relaxing, engaging, motivating, and moving. Listen to them on shuffle and get anything done. Do your laundry, read a book, cook a meal, study for an exam, evaluate your existence- you can do it all with Louis The Child and company in your ears. Anything we want to do, We Can Do This With Louis. Enjoy it!


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