I am so happy to announce our first exclusive artist release with Dalla Ri!

I got the opportunity to interview this up and coming DJ and gather some information to formulate this exclusive artist bio. I am excited for you to learn more about who is behind the name Dalla Ri.

The man behind Dalla Ri is Lauren Aaron Rigg IV but he goes by Aaron. He was born in a small town near Toledo, Ohio called Defiance on November 7th, 1995. He has a 4th generation name but is a 2nd generation DJ. I guess the name isn’t the only thing that runs in his family. At the age of 6, his dad had his own nightclub in Defiance. Then when Aaron was 14 he started helping his dad set up equipment and DJ.

In school, he played the drums in the marching band so he has always been surrounded by music. His school was one of the first to ever change textbooks into Ipads and Aaron created his first beat on the Garageband app. Towards the end of his high school career, he created a small album and that was when he really decided he wanted to continue his music career. That was also one of the main reasons he went to Capital University for their music tech program. That decision to go to college for music tech later landed him a job after college.

Dalla Ri has been working on this Jawbreaker album for 2.5 years and is able to host an album release party for it. With all of his hard work, he put into this album he also wanted to send a special thanks to everyone that helped him along this journey of creating Jawbreaker.

Dalla Ri gave me some words of wisdom to up and coming and new artists. He would tell them that to always be open to constructive criticism and never to be too humble with everything that one would do. With that being said he ran into some roadblocks and took some constructive criticism with an exclusive Facebook group he was in with a few people from NEST HQ. He took that lesson that he teaches now away from experiences like that.

With the opportunity to interview the artist, I got to know Aaron more than just in his music career. Asking him questions about music other than his own. His favorite artist and influence on his music career is Skrillex and he actually got to meet him at the Bluestone in Columbus when he was younger (he was such a humble guy). Bouncing off of his favorite artist… his favorite song is ‘Fevers’ by Seven Lions. Aaron also told me that he would love to one day play at Electric Forest or Tomorrowland and he chose those for the experience on top of the DJs that perform there.

I wrapped up the conversation with just getting to know Aaron beyond the music. Aaron loves to cook in his free time and loves movies. He loves to play and holds rank in the game Rocket League, which he plays with a dedicated partner. At a Yheti show, Aaron went to, the bass was so loud that he couldn’t even lite a cigarette or keep one in his mouth without it falling out. And the most important of them all, Aaron keeps his toilet paper on the roll under because his cat likes to claw at it.

This was my favorite artist bio by far. The ability to learn more about Aaron as a person and as a DJ and from his own mouth. This only excites me to work further with Aaron, and for more artists in the future. Thank you, Aaron, for all you have done, and everyone else- don’t forget to check out Jawbreaker, OUT NOW!!


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