Welcome to our first ever exclusive artist release! Where’s The Vibe have had the pleasure to be partnering up with Dalla Ri to bring you a special post. This is the first post of its kind for our page and we are elated to be making this happen. Before jumping into the post, we felt it important to highlight the magnitude of this event, and thank Dalla Ri for allowing this to happen. This is just another step closer to making our dreams reality.

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Dalla Ri emerges from the shadows this week to welcome us to his dream. The artist brings his debut album, Jawbreaker, on the heels of Halloween. The artist uses his full arsenal and understanding of the electronic sound to craft a monster that keeps the haunting season around. Piecing together chilling narrative pieces, dubstep grime, strange melodies, and unheard sampled sounds to create the monster called Jawbreaker. So let’s get strapped in and wait for the electric shock that awakens Jawbreaker.

The album opens up with chilling ambient sound, overlayed with vocals of our artist. His voice is eerily inviting you to come and discover his creation. Dalla Ri describes what the album is, welcomes you to the experience, emphasizes his hopes for the listeners as we go along, and lastly thanks you for seeing his creation.

‘Blast Off’ is the first track we experience. The song is guided by the chiming piano like sound. You can feel the similarity to classic horror movie themes, through that attribute. The damaged-transmission-like voice clip begins the build and transformation of the chimes into an electronic spectacle. Production begins to billow around the song, and the chiming melody from before changes form. The electricity takes over for the hook and blasts off. The track is well done in its ability to not lose focus on the guiding light of the chilling chime that introduces the song. The reinvention of sound and creation of almost life-less beats is amazing. There very little organic sound ahead, but rather the creations of Dalla Ri’s mind coming to fruition through fully electronic sound.

The second track is the albums only female vocal track and the only track that features singing. ‘That Night’ opens with the sounds of water running trickling. The splashes and cracks of the water hitting itself is then broken by the vocals. The vocalist’s voice comes in so light and in a way beckoning. Her voice is inviting and trans like. She is the siren that welcomes you into the wonderfully strange ahead. You can feel as she takes you along this creepy cave of electronic wonder. The break downs offer this relief from melody and bring in the strong Dalla Ri feel.

‘Goons’ returns to the guiding high end of Dalla Ri’s first song. The bell like ringing is creepy and brings this sort of anxiety that something is coming. This ringing is filled by a bass line that slowly develops more and more until rising into a developed demented melody. You start to imagine the monster that this playfully terrifying song begins to bring. ‘Goons’ is this nightmare song that gives the listener the horror movie experience, and developing with these scratchy electronic hooks and sampled low vocals.

‘Para Schizo’ enters as Jawbreaker’s melodic trance song. This song embodies it’s name so well, and helps make it easier to describe. The paradox of the song is feeling limited in the seemingly endless void the song creates with it’s soundscape. The calming nature of the song against the grain of the whining drill like sound as low as the dark sweeping wubs, in the hook. The contrast establishes the muddling of the “reality” of the melodic song. That misunderstanding emulates the “schizo” portion of the title. The song is a journey and layered so well to produce an experience that the title describes.

We have another narrative piece that morphes in and out of melody. ‘Sad Songs’ opens with this ringing that silences into muffled talking. The listener is experiencing a conversation between Dalla Ri and an artist featured on his album. Because of production however, we feel distant as the listener. The sound of the conversation feels like we are outside the realm of space and time just looking in. A super cool effect that adds to the creepy factor. The rapping then comes in and feels as if we are hearing the demons in the artists head coming out. The rapping builds a short beat and then transfers right back into the conversation, where Dalla Ri asks for them to play it again.

The play it again request flows so well into ‘Cleopatra’. A song that starts louder than most of the album. It feels as if someone really pressed play from the conversation, and this is the track that came booming out. ‘Cleopatra’ is the albums first and heaviest rap track. Dalla Ri demonstrates again how his electronic crafting belongs in all types of music. This song adopts a little more of an organic feel with drum set snare as well as the accordion melody that accompanies the vocals. That organic sound is soon abandoned though when the break comes. The hard grimey scary Dalla Ri returns and uses the vocals echo to thread right into the stitching of the song. The synthesis with the dark dub sounds and this alt melodic rap makes ‘Cleopatra’ a one of a kind song, and extremely ambitiou; it still does not miss the market that the rest of the album has hit either.

Dala Ri’s persona continues through on the seventh track. ‘Cut’ is again the most unsettling ambient noise with Dalla Ri’s voice over top. It is an intro/explanation to the next track and also doubles as another level of terror added to the album. Dalla Ri has an understand of his voice as an instrument; he uses that to continue to set the mood his music inspires.

‘Cut’ introduces ‘Trapped’ as a project from college: an experiment of sound. Dalla Ri’s experiment of using five sounds to create a whole song introduced us to one of the most unsettling yet wilding constructed songs on the album. ‘Trapped’ gives this feeling of reality loss. Things are stretched, made sharp, cut short, dulled, lowered, and yet constantly moving. The sounds used become trapped in you mind, but as fragments of what they once were. The song is meant to be different and it succeeds. While being very strange from the rest of the album, ‘Trapped’ still manages to stick with Jawbreakers vibe of the strange and scary.

After the experience that is ‘Trapped’, we come to the title track of our album. ‘Jawbreaker’ is a reestablishment of the melody driven song. The song features rap vocals again, but they are very supplemental to the production, until the end. The song is really about the electronic production style to start. Dalla Ri really shows strong production here with an amazing use of the high end melody with a subtle bass line. Switching from the beat driven start, to then lyrics that are morphed, to then the vocalists lines with very little edit the song progressively moves from one end of the spectrum to the other. From the laid back rap, we move this absolute banger. ‘Guerilla Snot’ is this absolutely dirty hitting song. The use of drums, snipped vocals, and the dub whines moves quickly through the song. ‘Guerilla Snot’ is the absolute hype of the album. This song embodies what it means to get moving, get hype, and crave more. Each beat is so well placed, and no sound it out of place. The song uses each small chop of sound to make a masterpiece.

Closing out our album is ‘Rage Time’. We are happy to see Dalla Ri exhibit such a knowledge of his own music to put this at the end. The last song is always best when it embodies the whole albums sound into it, and ‘Rage Time’ does just that. You can hear the chopped vocals, mixed pace, eerie breakdowns, creepy sound clips, leading haunting melody, and the electronic mastery all in this song. A phenomenal way to close out the album, and showcase the talent that was on it.

Jawbreaker can be listened to all day long, and never lose its sweetness. Jawbreaker can leave your face mangled because it smacks you with some great music. Jawbreaker may just leave your jaw detached on the floor from the amazement listening to it causes. Either way the album lives up to its name, and Dalla RI absolutely kills it with his debut release. Glad to be working with such an amazing artist. Many more big things from all of us. Until next time.


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