Another Hump day concert for Tanner this week, but this was a SPOOKY hump day. That’s right, Halloween concert! Mija was the headliner at The Cowan in Nashville, TN. The concert was put on by Deep Tropics, a Nashville event based company. This is Tanner’s second EDM concert in Nashville, so let’s dive into it…  




The Cowan: One of the best venues that Tanner has ever been to. When the uber rolled up Tanner got out and had his ticket ready, eager to get into the event, eager to hear some house music. The process to get in was very easy, Tanner showed his ID got wanded by a metal detector and then showed his ticket for entry. Tanner decided to get VIP to experience the whole venue, so he also got a cloth wristband like at big concerts. The wristband gave him GA privileges and access to the mezzanine above.

Once Tanner was in the show he saw the bar to his right, the bathrooms to his left and the stage right in front of him. The Cowan was wide open and had a lot of space. The stage was elevated and decorated with Halloween decorations. The VIP mezzanine had its own bar and a great viewing area with the ability to walk outside. Overall this Venue was one of the best that Tanner has been to, and wait did he mention it was attached to Top Golf.




Tanner was able to see two artists, Treasure Fingers and Mija. He arrived at the concert at 10 pm right when Treasure Fingers set started. At about 2 am Tanner was exhausted and needed to get some sleep for his next day at work so he decided to leave.

Treasure Fingers had a house set that just flowed together like butter spreading on toast. He played a little longer than his time slot was, from 10 to about 11:30pm. His set was amazing! By seeing it from everywhere within the venue Tanner had the opportunity to meet some people and just get to dance around the entire building. Tanner thought the set worked together so well. Treasure Fingers had great flow and energy that fed off and matched the energy of the crowd. He had the whole venue dancing to his house vibes. He closed his set with a very humble thank you to the amazing crowd.

Tanner was ecstatic to see Mija next. He had seen her perform a bass set before this but was elated to see her bring a house set to Nashville. Two years ago Mija preformed a Bass set at Breakaway Columbus that had the heads banging… this time she had the feet moving. This change for Mija was something that features her talents as a DJ. Mija’s transition into the house scene had everyone moving their feet. Her three-hour long set was truly amazing. There was not one point where Tanner thought that she had a down point, in that long set. She just kept the vibes going throughout the whole set. Tanner noticed that she was constantly dancing and interacting with the crowd the whole time, as well. In Tanner’s mind, that is something that always helps formulate a great set. From a great bass set to an amazing house set. Mija is still one of Tanner’s favorite sets.  


Done Well and Needs Work


The venue was truly amazing and that is one of the biggest factors that goes into the vibe of the show. The way you walk in to see everything is out of the way of the stage and the dancefloor. The bathrooms and the bar towards the back of the venue. Then the stairs for the mezzanine were off to the side of the venue and placed in a convent location. Upstairs there was a mobile bar and a place you could order food. Like mentioned before The Cowan is attached to Top Golf. With all of these attributes, the venue almost couldn’t get any better.

Another thing that was done well was the set change between the two artists; the music didn’t stop as Mija’s set started. This just made the show so fluid. Another thing to mention was that Mija let someone ask for another person’s hand in marriage during her set, just showing how compassionate she really is.

There were only two small things that Tanner would have liked to have done differently. First is that Mija was so short that you could barely see her over the DJ set up due to plants and stuff in front of it.

The other thing was just that they could have followed the set times of the artists since Treasure Fingers performed for 30 more minutes than he was allotted. This left Tanner guessing when Mija would actually come on.

Overall this is one of Tanner’s favorite concert venues and what an amazing show was put on by the DJs. A job-well-done to The Cowan, Deep Tropics, Treasure Fingers, and Mija. Tanner also wanted to give the shout to the few people he got to meet this show below, and such a great crowd vibe, and an amazing show.

Special thanks to Janie for providing the pictures for this one. Go give her a follow on Instagram: @no0kafish_o_

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