You are going to need more than bear repellent to keep your grizzly counterpart away, Bear Grylls…

Not even bear traps and bear repellent are going to stop bass-beast-DJ Bear Grillz from producing his in your face dubstep beats.

Bear Grillz seemed to have stumbled upon a MacBook Pro in Yosemite National Park to start off his DJing career. This DJ is based out of Denver started releasing music in 2013 when he released an EP The High Grade. That was the start of the Bear’s career.

That EP featured a picture of a bear smoking a joint and giving the world the middle finger. Soon after that, he started DJing in a full bear costume. In 2014 he released another EP Now That’s What I Call EDM, but was later released as They Made Us Change the Name. Later that year he released a collaboration with Datsik and others called Bear Grillz & Friends Vol. 1 and Vol 2 was released early of 2015. Then as he releases another controversy named EP in 2016 called Fuck Bitches Get Honey But also was released as Mo Honey Mo Problems. With that EP he was hitting the bottom of the Billboard’s EDM charts.

In 2016 Bear Grillz appeared on national TV to reveal his identity on The Jerry Springer Show, something that DJs like Marshmello and DJs from Mars have not done. He revealed himself as “RJ” or Robert James Pangelinan.

To round out the past two years Bear Grillz released a few tracks and EP’s in 2017, This Is Your Brain on Dubstep and Half Man Half Bear. Then in 2018, he switched to releasing singles featuring a Sullivan King collaboration “Wicked” and another one that was the single off of the newest EP “Take Off” with Blake Webber. Then Bear Grillz made a statement this past week with his newest EP, TOO LOUD.

WHAT AN EP THAT WAS, the TSA could not stop this Bear from Taking Off! And no sound ordinance could keep him from being TOO LOUD!!

Bear Grillz is one of Austin’s top DJ to see and he is also on my list to see. He is one of the best Dubstep DJs out there right now from performing at Lost Lands to releasing one of the best Dubstep EPs this year. This Bear is on my list of Dubstep DJs to trap but like I said earlier it will take a lot more than your run-of-the-mill Bear Trap and Bear Repellant.

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