We have been waiting for the bear to bring something like this to the table for a while. Bear Grillz has been one of our top watched artists this year, and he gave us even more reason for that. He released his EP, TOO LOUD EP, Nov. 2, 2018. The title of the album should go as an instruction for your listening experience. Bear Grillz brings another phenomenal addition to those dubstep headbangers out there, and it beckons to be played with all your speakers or headphones can put out. So crank that dial to 11, and let’s hear TOO LOUD EP.

The first song of the album drops us into very soft vocals. ‘INVINCIBLE’ opens very calming, sparking curiosity in the listener. Piano accompanied vocals are built on with a subtle emerging drum-line. The vocals build to be “invincible”, and then we are hit with the bass. The song takes a hard break into a mirage of dubstep sound, with the preceding vocals echoing throughout. Repeating the vocals to dubstep hook pattern, the song is very well done. Keeping the restrained and raspy feeling of the vocals, and using the heavy dubstep sounds to amp them up but not lose them.

‘INVINCIBLE’ drops right into the title track of this EP. ‘TOO LOUD’ is an instant classic. Using the very traditional style of a guiding one-liner, with an array of dub sounds placed over a strong bass line. The song builds and breaks perfectly; it belongs in all dubstep sets out there. It is a song we better see mounting a recap or hype video in the future. ‘TOO LOUD’ just demonstrates why Bear Grillz makes dubstep, and just how good at it he is.

‘TAKE OFF’ is probably the most unique song on this album. ‘INVINCIBLE’ features those vocals that are very uncharacteristic of dubstep, but this song is just raunchy. Raunchy in the way that old vulgar cartoons were. The song is guided by the idea that the listener is the passenger of a “lit ass flight”. Opening with a flight-attendant parody speech, and building as we prepare for take-off. The song hosts that comical aspect but also really gives that feeling of flight. A terrifying death flight, but that’s the only flight headbangers want. You experience take-off, you live the chaos in the sky, and lastly the hazy lost-ness after landing.

‘DIP IT’ finishes another EP for Bear Grillz. Just like most amazing EP’s, Bear Grillz ends TOO LOUD with a song that synthesizes the work before. There is the guiding in your face speech clip, mixed with some softer synth and dub sounds, and finished with strong bass line dubstep hooks. The song registers on the chiller side for a still faster-paced dubstep tune but still encourages hype. A perfect way to end a strong four-song EP.

Bear Grillz gives the community a solid four-song EP that encourages slightly different dubstep vibes. There is a spectrum of energy presented and it keeps the EP interesting and also makes it a strong contribution to listeners and DJs. All of these songs belong in a set, all of these songs deserve multiple listens, but most importantly the whole EP just needs to be played TOO LOUD.

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