I’m so thankful to be able to grow our community with our second exclusive artist bio…

Awertnex noted, he would have loved to been interviewed over the phone or on video but was unable to make that happen. Regardless of how I am excited to have had the opportunity to interview him at all. So with that being said let’s dive into who Awertnex is as an artist and beyond…

Awertnex birth name it Mishal Abdul born in Saudi Arabia on August 27th, 1998. The first question I sought to ask the up and coming dubstep artist, was about his name. Awertnex seems like it should have quite the story. To my surprise, it did, but not the one I thought. The name’s origin comes from some key smashing. Abdul understands a lot of artists have trouble with their names. He mentioned how many change their name or pick a name that doesn’t fit their brand. With branding being such an essential part of being an artist, he wanted to make sure to do it right. So he made his own brand completely. By smashing a keyboard, seeing what letters it gave him, arranging them, and adding some vowels, he made a brand that had never been heard of. Making his own name and brand, made sure he was exactly in line with it- because there is no other definition.

After I found out where his name came from, I wanted to understand where his inspiration came from. Awertnex found his inspiration when he listened to ‘Kyoto’, by Skrillex. The track sparked his interest in future bass and DnB (drum and bass). From there, he was hooked and chasing tracks to find the sound he loved. Four years of listening brought him to realize what he was looking for was not out there, so he needed to put it out there. Thus came the decision to produce his own sound.

Once Awertnex got started, he faced a lot of criticism and adversity. He decided to take all of that and use it to grow. With a lot of time and effort, he was able to market himself in a way that is allowing him to do all that he is today: working with UFO Collective to release Gas EP, getting tracks featured on well-known dubstep channels, and working with names like Brandon Holman and Gohma. It took him four years to accomplish all of this, but over that time he has done it and formed so many relationships with his fans and followers. His slow and subtle growth has provided him the opportunity to stay level-headed, produce those good relationships, and be surrounded by people that understand his music language. All of this has allowed him to stay true to himself and produce music that mirrors that- by doing both of those things he will be able to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the bass community.

Though Awertnex has accumulated so much support over his career, one of his largest setbacks comes from where he has never found it. His parents have never given him the support the EDM community does. Due to their religion, they view their son’s pursuits in music as sin. Regardless of the success, Abdul finds, his parents take no pride in his pursuit. Though he loves them dearly, he must chase his passion and not their pride. Music is where he finds happiness and a life being happy is what really matters in the end.

Hopefully, his life brings him to a concert soon, since Mishal has NEVER BEEN TO A CONCERT. Of course, this is no surprise, but as we all know- it will only make him love this community more. Awertnex looks to be on the other side of the stage eventually too. We have seen his talent as a producer, with Gas EP, and I have the highest hopes for him as a DJ. He will for sure have a great setlist seeing that he listens to so much music. As he highlighted in the beginning, he is always chasing sounds he loves. He makes those sounds but also seems to find them too. He notes the sounds he finds by choosing a favorite song each month. This month he took ‘Pancake’ by Jaded (ft. Ashnikko).

Beyond all the music and history, I had to ask Awertnex the character testing question….

Is this guy a toilet paper over, or a toilet paper under kind of guy?

And I found out that this little bass head likes his….


In all seriousness, I just wanted to thank Mishal for taking time out of his day to answer all of my questions. Both Austin and I look forward to potentially meeting him and are excited to see where he can take his music career. Thank you, Awertnex, for Gas EP and taking your time to work with Where’s The Vibe.

Until the next interview…


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