You will never guess what we are bringing (Awert)next. Thank you to the UFO Collective, it is another exclusive album release. Our relationship with the Tennessee record label has landed us a sweet new dubstep EP, that is sure to chill your spine. So cover your mouth and nose, but leave your ears open, as we cover Gas EP.

Awertnex brought the world his first EP release on November 10, 2018. Gas EP is such a strong entrance into the EDM scene for the artist. Awertnex uses the album to showcase his successful formula for his unique dubstep. The recipe that we see working in every song on the album appears to be as follows:

[((bouncy high end melody/melodies – lyrics) + building bass) * (classical dubstep sound)] ^ (x + magic)

This formula, where ‘x’ is the theme of sound, seems to create a perfectly rounded Awertnex dubstep song. As we go on, you will see this working each time making a whole album of songs that you love.

‘Wraith’ introduces the formula by laying long notes of synth over the bouncy melody. Using bass hits to break the synth and build the energy, Awertnex prepares the listener for the drop. Each bass hit acquires slightly more of the grime of dubstep until we build over the melody and drop into that classical dubstep sound. The factor x of ‘Wraith’ is this sort of classic horror movie theme sound. The initial melody and then aspects of the dubstep breaks create a soundscape similar to those old horror movie theme songs, and the multiplication of Awertnex magic is what makes that sound pop.

Creepy horror turns into demented carnival ride, as Awertnex brings another energetic melody. Featuring Rek U, ‘Bass Dude’ sticks to the Awertnex banger protocol. The melody bounces and twirls about so light-heartedly, as bass is slowly added, darkening the picture being painted. Darkness takes the song with the eruption of a haunting laugh. The dubstep flows in around the carnival melody created at the beginning. The softer breakdown in the middle of the song only adds flavor to the darkness. An unsettling feeling of safety from the shadows of dubstep, which is proven true when the bass kicks back up.

‘Key Maps’ changes the pace of the album. It takes a step back in all aspects. The initial melody is not creepy or overly bouncy. Its x-factor feels more like a cruise through Tokyo, at night. It is smooth and relaxed. If you have seen an racing movie though, no night drive through the city is innocent. Awertex turns the melody into a futuristic death race with dubstep sounds that screech and swerve. Sounds that are different than the hard deep-cutting grime of earlier songs.

Another edit to the dubstep soundscape is Perc Miner. The song features VIP and takes a very quirky oddball sound. ‘Perc Miner’ has an x-factor that is taken out of a Crash Bandicoot game. The song is lighter yet still holds evil. It bounces and moves constantly and uses odd squeaks and scratches. It becomes hard for us not to imagine the Crash Bandicoot levels that could use this as their backdrop.

‘Three Hours’ returns us to a more classical sounding dubstep. The song uses heavily electronic and robotic sounds. Senpai is a feature on this very bass pulsating song. The bouncy melody still presents itself in this song, but the listener can for sure hear the extra bass added to ‘Three Hours’ recipe. Though the song is dubstep, the x-factor is actually dance. Whether it be Senpai contributing it, or Awertnex, the song has much more of a dance vibe. This dance vibe comes heavily from the amount that bass guides this song.

Closing out our exposure to Gas EP is actually ‘Gas Exposure’. The final song on the album is truly a well-stitched quilt. Awertnex is able to take each of those aspects from his formula, showcase them each, and then use strong transfers to meld them together. This song is actually a great starter dubstep track. It has the fast-paced melody that mellows with synth and moves the listeners into dub sounds that are not too crazy. The ability to shift flawlessly from melody to dub lines without an interrupting/interjecting lyric is so evidently executed here as well. Such a great come down song from a well-constructed album.

Awertnex just provided the gas and is about to spark a match. This EP for the young DJ is only an accelerant for the career to come. With promising talent, determination, and some bomb-ass tunes, it will only take a spark to turn the gas into flames. Thank you Awertnex for the phenomenal music and opportunity to feature it, and you, on our page. We are glad to have been here for your first EP and look forward to the all the growth coming after this. Another huge thank you to the UFO Collective for all of their help and support. Without guys like you, our industry would not be anywhere. Keep looking forward to all that these relationships have to come. But…

Until next time.


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