Where’s The Vibe was in the house in full force, for a concert that brought house
in full force. This past weekend we both got the opportunity to see MK and
Camelphat headline at Trism. The concert showcased house music in all forms and
really kept the corner rockin’. So let us break down this shakedown with this
MK Camelphat Rave Review.



Trism, one of Columbus’ top EDM venues, hosted the concert. Among
the bars and buildings lining the streets of Columbus, Trism sticks out as a
glass castle of EDM. In the center of Columbus and The Ohio State University,
Trism draws a young crowd. Known for hosting some of the best EDM in Columbus,
Trism is simple and elegant. The windowed walls invite all pedestrians into the
party and make the inside feel massive to those in it. Setup with one bar, one
set of bathrooms, and a whole lot of dancefloor Trism makes it easy to
understand why customers are there: music and drinks. With the bathrooms hidden
away behind the bar, the stage always playing to the whole club, and varied
seating/standing options as you move back from the stage toward the
entrance/exit, Trism does the layout so well. The whole vibe of Trism is
cleanly modern, yet exciting. It lets the music and lights of the stage set the
scene of the night. For that reason, it is such an amazing club for EDM. Prime
Social Group is so lucky to have an exclusive deal with them for that reason.



The theme of the night was house, and house was all that was in the house. Is that enough house for you? But in all honesty, from the openers to the headlines we were kept moving by some phenomenal house sets. There was a phenomenal block of openers before MK and Camelphat. They were a phenomenal appetizer and hosted our dear friend Christian Bistany once again. Nights that start with him are always heightened for us because we just love seeing him up on stage. He even had some visuals this time, so it is exciting to see his growth. Christian and the rest of the openers kept the club bumpin’, which kept the club filling up with people. Setting the vibe and the crowd up for the headliners.


The first of the two headliners came to rock the house. The duo
had great visuals that did a lot without being too distracting. They had a
great stage energy and transitions. They played a lot of hot house tracks and
amplified everything the openers did for them.


The house lord MK followed the duo, with a boppin’ TWO HOUR set.
This man has talent and an ability to read the crowd. He knew where to put
different house sounds to make a two-hour set seem like it still wasn’t enough.
With a constant moving of energy, MK kept the whole club moving the entire
night. One of our agreed top concert moments was marked during his set- he had
a wild transition into ‘17’, one of Where’s
The Vibe
’s top tracks of all
time. MK was a headliner that matched his hype and delivered more than we
expected. We even got the opportunity to meet him after the show closed.

Done Well and Needs Work

This venue and concert have really just provided a lot of compliments, and not a lot of requests for change. The set-up is so amazing for any live music. The drink prices and accessibility are above the standards for a lot of venues. The accessibility of the venue, as well as the size, makes the venue a knock-out. The only aspect that brings it down slightly is Trism’s bathroom situation. They are not fit for a ton of traffic, without a line. This of course is not that big of a deal, but could technically be improved.

When it came to the sets of the night, and the flow in between,
there really is no room for improvement. The vibe of the night was house, and
every artist delivered. House music was constantly bumping, even as sets
switched. There was a sense of unity of genre, but still highlighting the
independence of each artist. We cannot see a reason to ask for anything more
than that.

The show was another amazing one. It was great to have all of Where’s The Vibe and our IDGAFOS crew at Trism. We loved the opportunity to listen to
a showcase of amazing house artists, including our dear friend Christian
Bistany. But most importantly, it is always great to just be among the music we
love, with our remarkable community. Thank you to all of the artists,
especially headliners MK and Camelphat. Thank you to Trism and Prime Social for
the hosting and organization. And lastly thank you to everyone who made it out,
we couldn’t do what we do without all of you.

Until next time



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