It has been a week since Austin landed back in Columbus. It has been a week since Austin saw Rezz. It has been a week since Austin has returned from the hypnosis. Let’s track Austin’s journey to Philly with part of the IDGAFOS crew, to see space mom.


We all know the wow factor Rezz has on crowds. The creepy feel that her music and visuals stir up in the audience is her claim to fame. It was amazing to see she found a venue in Philly that matched that vibe so well. Franklin Music Hall was THE VENUE for a show like this. The building screams rundown from the second anyone lays eyes on it. Walls of windows rattled so powerfully from the bass within them; it was a wonder they did not all bust out.

As Austin moved from outside into the venue, the creepy vibe was only heightened. This rattling rundown building was a repurposed factory. It had two stories and was completely packed. From the door to the stage and up onto the overlook, people coated the floors. It was an amazing sight to see the absurd amount of people a sold-out factory could hold.

Due to arrival time, the number of people, and just a focus to get ready for Rezz, Austin did not explore the venue to heavily. But the set-up all made sense. The stage was opposite the entrance/exit doors and provided ample room for the copious amount of bodies in the room. “Bars” were located throughout the venue, where it would not take up too much room. There were ones on the walls under the balcony, one buried in a cubby by the restroom, and a couple up on the balcony. There was no issue getting water, which was the main concern, so the bars served their purpose. The merch vendor was closest to the door with a food stand. It seemed to be where merch for all shows went, and though there was only one, it seemed to move people through the line quickly. Which was nice being able to snag a hat on the way out.


Again due to late arrival time and also the busting of a water pipe hours before the show, Austin was not able to see all of the sets. He also is not sure everyone that was scheduled to even played. So the artists below are who Austin did see and can confirm played.

Mr. Carmack

Austin and his crew entered during the latter half of Mr. Carmack’s set. He stuck to some simple visuals based around his name/logo. He adopted the very dark bass sound of Rezz but gave his own twist. He leaned more toward a melodic dubstep feel, and it worked for him. He was a strong artist with a lot of bass, and also a lot of love for Rezz. He was always vibing to his set but made many remarks to the crowd asking about the excitement to see Rezz. He performed in a way that really prepped the crowd for Rezz, without trying to be Rezz. With a headliner with such a unique sound, Mr. Carmack did a great job by showcasing his unique sound and being a great opener still.


Austin can now officially call himself a space child. After seeing the amazingly hypnotic and theatric set that the space mother put on, it would be impossible to not. Rezz has a sound like no one else in our community, and her show is the same. She embraces the creepy, weird, and uncomfortable to craft this hypnotic journey. As an artist she has talent, as a DJ she has talent, as a storyteller she has talent, and all are demonstrated during her set. Hypnotic is the word that Austin will repeat over and over and over talking toward her set. This attribute makes hours of a show feel like minutes, makes the audience dance in a way that mirrors her, and makes the whole crew Austin brought buy hats on the way out. Rezz is a different breed of EDM and performer and Austin hopes everyone can experience that one day.

Done Well and Needs Work

The whole concert experience can be attributed to the one done well, which is cohesiveness. Everything that happened at the concert was creepy and dark. The venue did so much for amping the vibe of Rezz. It was cold and metallic, yet warm with moving bodies. The lighting as dark and chilling, with rumbling bass constantly. Everything worked together and amplified everything. Austin cannot remember a time that a place matched the music played in it so much. The venue was passed just a nightclub listening to EDM. The matched vibe and first experience with the venue being Rezz made the experience that will always stick out in his memory.

The only thing that needs work about the entire experience was the venue’s protocol. Austin saw two occasions where the management of situations could have improved.

First was the burst water pipe. As mentioned before, a water pipe had burst at some point affecting the venue, to the point where ravers were not allowed in. This information was only acquired once everyone was in the long line, however. It would have been nice to know something like this had happened before getting to the show, or even before hopping out of the toasty car to stand in the chilling night air. Being cold was not a big deal to see Rezz, but could have been handled better.

Second was the kandi policy. No one was told they could not wear kandi into the venue beforehand, so everyone was surprised when they were being told to throw their kandi away… or to hide it so he couldn’t see… or that he already saw it so throw it away… or, wait who even knows what he said. This back and forth and confusion was rather uncalled for, and caused a lot of people to throw some of their greatest rave memories or works away. Austin did not really see the point of throwing the kandi out, nor was he happy with the wish-wash handling of what to do with it. Being a part of the EDM community, it is tough to see anyone throw kandi away- it is so much more than a goofy bracelet.

When it comes down to it, Rezz absolutely melted the brains of the crowd and is worth all of the hype. She played a killer show, in a killer venue, and Austin saw it with some killer people. The show goes down as one of Austin’s favorites and most memorable. It is a different kind of EDM and a different kind of experience. The only thing Austin will change is how fast he runs out of the car… because if he would have sprinted he would have had a picture with Rezz before she entered the venue. He won’t make the same mistake next time… note that Isabelle.

Until next time.


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