Third time’s a charm for Tanner in the music city. That’s right another concert down in Nashville, and actually from Nashville. Tanner had the amazing opportunity to experience a concert filled with only Nashville local DJ’s. Achilles, the headliner for the night, gave Where’s The Vibe this amazing opportunity. Achilles is another local Nashville artist that we have recently formed a friendship and relationship with. So it was even more amazing that Tanner was able to cover this concert as media for Achilles. Huge thanks to Achilles and the line up for being so amazing. So let’s get to that media coverage Tanner went there for!

The Venue

The Cobra is for certain the smallest venue that Tanner has ever been to. The smallness of the venue had no bearing on the vibe however, seeing it was one of the coolest venues Tanner has ever been to. In fact, the size enhanced everything about the venue. A sense of community and comfort was found because of the size. That sense of comfort and community rang through the night. Comfort in the casual vibe of the concert as well as in couches located in the back of the Cobra. Community in the local art vendors that had pop-ups during the show and how close in proximity everyone was. All of these factors made the very cool euphoric vibe of the show.

Past the size of the venue and what it encouraged, the Cobra was set-up in a way Tanner had not experienced at another venue. Where the graffiti covered stage held the artists was separate from the bar. Tanner’s desire to get a drink required him to take a bit of a trip. So he was moving out of the venue and into the dive bar and back as frequently as his drink emptied. Tanner thought this a little strange, but then again at least he could get a drink.


Bizzy started us off with some in your face dubstep bangers. Tanner thought this was an amazing way to start off a night of dubstep. Even though there was not a lot of people there he played like it was packed wall-to-wall. His presence and energy made his set worthwhile for those people that were there.

Medic kept the dubstep and bass rolling, with a lighter twist. Tanner thought the vibe of his set was great and Sara Benyo described it as a euphoric dubstep. Medic redefined and redirected the dubstep energy established by Bizzy. A great change of pace and demonstration of the dynamics of dubstep.

Abduction expands upon the light twist on the dubstep Medic brought into the Cobra. His set’s twist manifested with some trance vibes. Vibes that paraded us on a journey to the harder hitting vibes that finished Abductions set. By the end, dubstep and trance were present and he was throwing down his unique sound of music, for the crowd to experience.

Achilles set forced Tanner to take a step back. His shit was mind-blowing and unpredictable in the greatest of ways. A “Sleepyhead” remix kicked off Achilles set. The song was the beginning of the drop-to-drop amazement Tanner felt through the whole show. Awh inspiring transitions mixed with Achilles’ amazing crowd presence kept every headbanger locked-in. Achilles also branded himself as a DJ who knows just when to hop on the mic to amp moments to the next level. From the mainstream to new local songs, Achilles used every inch of dubstep in his neck-breaking set. DJs that use such a range of music hold such a special place in Where’s The Vibe’s book.

Something else that always defines DJ’s above the cut fo us is what Achilles told Tanner his show was. When the smoke settled at the end of his set and Tanner joined Achilles onstage, he told Tanner he just freestyled that set. We are glad to see such an amazing attribute in such an amazing artist. We are glad to see his next steps, concerts, and productions and be there with him along the way.

Done Well and Needs Work

For the small venue and smaller local artists, the venue was a perfect choice. The bathroom being in the rear of the venue put it out of the way of everything, always a rave plus. Another plus Tanner thought was great were the two local artists to sell their artwork. We always encourage community and helping other artists and creators- that screams unity and support. The flow between things happened really well. Well enough that didn’t affect the vibe of the show, at all. Good venue. Good flow. Great artists, of different mediums. Well done where it counts.

Some minor improvements that are not even related to the DJs or the event planning… The venue, like Tanner mentioned earlier, was set so you could not get drinks where the music was playing. Of course this was disappointing, but that is no fault of the DJs. Possibly hiring a bartender to make/ serve drinks would have made more sense, but with a bar right next door this expense may not have seemed necessary. Walking between the two areas really wasn’t that big of an issue at the end of the day. Tanner was actually given the opportunity to catch some air and at the end talk to the other photographer at the show.

The people at this show were all so positive and really showed Tanner what the EDM FAM really means. It is always amazing to see the actual loving and unified nature of our community at work. It reaffirms what we look to do with Where’s The Vibe, so we want to thank all of you show goers and EDM supporters for the fuel to keep going.

Tanner’s opportunity to meet all the artists, at the show created that same fuel. Seeing the very humble nature of all of them, and their gratitude for being able to perform at the event is so refreshing. Special thanks to Achilles for having Where’s The Vibe be a part of such an amazing event.

Until next time.


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