Something about our selection process has GOT to be broken because it is yet another house EP this week. Are we mad though? Hey Pablo, do you know? After some deliberation, he doesn’t seem to mind, and neither do we. So let us get into the tech house masterpiece crafted and released last week by Anti Up.

As jokingly hinted at, our EP this week is Hey Pablo EP. The three-song EP was crafted by a producer duo. Chris Lake and Chris Lorenzo team up and prove two minds are greater than one. Song-for-song this album screams Euro tech house, and each song captures the genre perfectly. The understanding of house music mechanics and the genre as a whole are written on the wall, by the songs Chris and Chris have created. So let’s get to reading what they have written so clearly.

‘Hey Pablo’, our title track, opens the EP with a lot of high end. The hi-hat and high muffled bass set the tempo of the song in the intro. The two are steady and placed, only with the words “hey Pablo”, interupting, until the dirty syth is built on. Soonly followed the twinkling electric chimes, with the vocal snippet. Which is built on with more and more until we come into our clap-up the drop. This is where the bass is! This song rumbles heavily through your skull. Anti Up gives and takes that euphoric feeling the bass provides with each verse and transition back to chorus. The song us repetition how Tech House should, but really switches the pace up a couple times with transitions from verse to chorus and so on. ‘Hey Pablo’ takes this altering saturation vibe. The song sops up and wrings out bass like a sponge would water.

From a song that starts high and moves heavy, Anti Up moves to create a song stitched so heavily with bass throughout. ‘Friday’ seriously is such a good counterpart to what was created in ‘Hey Pablo’. The thumping bass mixed with claps, as well as the variation of altering rhythm between the two builds so much differently. Bass runs through the veins of ‘Friday’ and like any body is depedent on its movement. The only times we don’t vibrate from the low end is during the, “count the days ‘til Friday” just before the chorus. After which, bass is shocked back into the song- like an EKG jolting a body. This song IS the vibe for any house head. Counting the days until this deep dark bass can surround them as sweatly dance the night away.

Balancing the album out is ‘Get That’. The duo uses askpects of each of the songs, when creating ‘Get That’. Opening with vocals, muffled bass, and hi-end. The heavy bass then comes in with a metalic strike, and the foreshadowing futuristic sounds that come after the drop. These sounds mixing with the classic claps, snare, and bass production gives the song a futuristic tech bass sound. The vibe is very much shaped by those sounds, and give a sense of unpredictability to the song. Anti Up uses variations of futuristic syth and lasered sounds to make the deep tech house very space age. ‘Get That’ with the lyrics and soundscape is this grind-on sort of song. The whole song has a vibe of advancement-technological, personal, financial, and advancement of that dirty bass.

Anti Up goes and inserts themselves as the definition of tech-house with Hey Pablo EP. Song to song to song they not only use both techno and house to create amazing music, but also use the talents of one another. As a debut album for the duo, Hey Pablo EP proves why the two of them belong making music together. Everyone should ante up for the future of Anti Up, because these two Chrises are making tech house GOLD.

Until next week.


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