Tanner attended his first ever POP EDM concert and it was an experience that he did not expect, but that experience was truly amazing. The venue was the same as the last concert that Tanner attended: The Cobra Nashville. Where’s The Vibe wanted to send a special thanks to Sara Benyo for throwing this show and giving us the opportunity to be her plus one. And also allowing us to take pictures and review the show. We enjoy working with Sara. As an onstage artist, she radiates happiness and positive vibes. Offstage, she is that same person, which is what has cultivated such a love for her amongst our team. Now let’s dive into this new experience for Tanner:

The Venue

The Cobra is for certain the smallest venue that Tanner has ever been to. The smallness of the venue had no bearing on the vibe, however, seeing it remains one of the coolest venues Tanner has experienced. In fact, the size enhances everything about the venue. A sense of community and comfort is found in its size. It just really makes you feel like you are simply “hanging out” at the show- which is a feeling you don’t really experience often. Sara also decorated the venue with light up balloons, special lights, and light up butterflies. All of these factors made the very cool euphoric vibe of the show.

Past the size of the venue and what it encouraged, the Cobra was set-up in a way Tanner had not experienced at another venue. The graffiti-covered stage that held the artists was separate from the bar. Tanner’s desire to get a drink required him to take a bit of a trip, as discussed last time. So he was moving out of the venue and into the dive bar and back as frequently as his drink emptied. This time Tanner decided to drive to the concert so this was not a problem- cause drinking and driving is a NEVER (stay safe kids). Tanner thought this was a little strange, but then again at least he could get a drink if he wanted.


NOTELLE- Unfortunately, we have no comment here because Tanner missed this set. We will be sure to catch her next time though.

ADARA- Tanner was able to catch the end of her set and she really introduced him to POP EDM and what it really is. Her outfit was full of sparkles that the lights made pop, making her a literal star on the stage. She had an amazing stage presence and ended her set larger than life, and anyone in the venue, as she stood on a stool. Tanner wishes that he was there for her whole set.

Sara Benyo- She was just jumping around the stage and had the crowd feeling the same happy energy she has buried inside her. She had local Nashville artist (and boyfriend), Achilles, DJing for her in the background. It was touching to see him supporting her and being a part of her set. Tanner was blown away with the chemistry and in sync behavior of Sara as a singer and Achilles as her DJ. Her talent shone through during her entire set. Sara’s final song was a new one off of her new EP and a song, on the long list, that Tanner absolutely loved!

ATHENA- She had a crazy provocative vibe to her dancing but it matched the vibe of her music. She had an amazing set that had the whole crowd feeling some type of way. Her songs were not as pop and jump around as Sara’s but had more of a sexual pop EDM feel that actually defined her set. She was able to get the crowd involved too when she joined them on the dance floor during her last song.

All of the artists took the opportunity to thank all of the EDM FAM. All of the artists were thankful for the turnout, and for the opportunity, they were given. They are a truly an amazing group of women.

Done Well and Needs Work

Same things that need to be improved about the venue: For the small venue and smaller local artists, the venue was a perfect choice. The bathroom is in the rear of the venue put it out of the way of everything, always a rave plus. Another plus Tanner thought was great were the two local artists to sell their artwork. We always encourage community and helping other artists and creators- that screams unity and support. The flow between things happened really well. Well enough that didn’t affect the vibe of the show, at all. Good venue. Good flow. Great artists, of different mediums. Well done where it counts.

Some minor improvements that are not even related to the DJs or the event planning… The venue, like Tanner, mentioned earlier, was set so you could not get drinks where the music was playing. Of course, this was disappointing, but that is no fault of the DJs. Possibly hiring a bartender to make/ serve drinks would have made more sense, but with a bar right next door this expense may not have seemed necessary. Walking between the two areas really wasn’t that big of an issue at the end of the day.

Where’s The Vibe wanted to extend a special thanks again to Sara for putting on the show. Without her none of this would have been possible and Tanner would not have had such a great night. He would also like to thank Sara and all the other ladies again. They have amazing talent and an amazing opportunity; thank goodness they are taking advantage of both. In short:

Thank you, LADIES!

Until next time.


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