Last weekend, the gang was back together again. IDGAFOS Crew came together to worship humbly on a Sunday night. We spent all night in a church in downtown Columbus just rejoicing in the power of bass and praying we could move our necks the next morning. Leading our service were quite a memorable crew of diciples, leading the pack was the bassly sephlopod himself SNAILS. So let us devout our minds to the memory of the service.


From the clear theme, SNAILS Columbus show was held at the Bluestone. A venue which is new to Tanner and an old friend of Austin’s. The Bluestone is an old repuposed Babtist church. The archetecture is that of a 115 year old cathedral, because that is exactly what it is. The building is old and weathered; making it so unique for concert goeres. The outside glows with the help of an eerie light that holds the Bluestone logo.

Moving from the cold air into the building, the Bluestone literally has a welcome lobby. The lobby space is used as a security check and ticket scanning, but moves you into the hallways of the building, while also bordering the non-VIP venue. Before getting into the main venue, we should talk about the hallways. There are two, one right and one left, and each leads to a staircase. The staircases lead upstairs, obviously. The second floor is where all of the bathrooms are located, as well as the entrance to the mezzanine style VIP area. This layout provides an ample amount of room to hang out and relax without being in the stage area of the venue. It also separates the bathrooms from the main traffic, as well as makes the VIP feel more exclusive. All of these are huge positives for the Bluestone as a venue.

Now to the juicy part, the stage area. The Bluestone sets the main area of the venue up like a donut. Everything in the stage area is centered around the lower pit (the hole of the donut). So the actual donut part of the donut is a walking area, which is raised above the main floor. On this ring, there are two bars, a merch stand, and the doors to get out to the hallways. The VIP is then the same ring setup, but a floor above. This setup is so simple but so effective. The whole leveled feel adds this diversity of listening experience. The lower and center dance floor allows you to be closest to the stage, in the loudest area, with the most action. Then each level you step back and move up higher, you are also lowering all of those aspects. So you can listen to the music the way you want to, and enjoy the show.


Scott- We met this man a while ago, and he has done nothing but continue to grow. He is such a clean DJ with a clear passion for his work. He knows how to throw down dubstep, and is getting pretty damn good at hyping a crowd. It was great to not only see how excited Scott was building up to and during his set, but also how excited he was to be in the crowd after he performed. The guy is a great mixer, a humble guy, and hungry to keep the dubstep alive in every set.

Hekler- Our first time experiencing Hekler officially goes down as a HUGE success. Not only did the guy rock some sick frames, shout out glasses guys, but he also killed everything else about his set. Visually he put up some rad stuff; stoked to see a tie fighter made his visuals cut. Energy-wise, he had some of the best moves we have seen from a dubstep DJ, and he was just excited for every drop as the crowd was. Musically… I mean the guy played a dubstep version of Lick It… he made us nothing but happy. Great artist. Great set. Great first impression. We will see this guy again.

Svdden Death- Dude is ALWAYS lit. We have a special place for Danny in our hearts, so we are always excited to see him play. He has such a fucked up stage presence and it is hilarious. The guy has an amazing brand that is completely true to himself. His mixing is always some of the highest caliber and you can visibly see the work he is putting in. It was exciting to hear a lot of the new music he has put out in the last year, in action. Even with a broken mic, he still delivered the Svdden Death brand so well and absolutely murdered the game.

SNAILS- I mean the guy brought two LED screens to project some super snail action movies during a dubstep set… could it have gone wrong? No. Did it go well? It melted our minds. SNAILS goes down as one of the best shows we have seen. The production, planning, theatrics, and brand that SNAILS brought to Columbus was AMAZING. The most admirable attribute about the show for us was that though there was a lot of bells and whistles, it all would have been nothing without the music. SNAILS stays true to bringing bass heads exactly what they want and adding flare. So glad that he didn’t lose himself in the show and forget the music. Only a little salty that the giant inflatable snail didn’t make it from Pitt, but F*CK SALT anyway.

Done Well and Needs Work

Every aspect of the show held its own done wells. You have a killer venue with the Bluestone. Quick lines, varied listening experience, flowing set-up with ease of access, and just an all-around cool aesthetic made the night so much better. You could see it on everyone’s faces: a sense of content (under all the ugly bass faces). The artists as well blew it away. As a line-up, they kept the energy alive, the bass low, and the heads banging. Each was able to craft such an amazing set that didn’t really repeat anything from another or sound too much like the last. They all had energy, crowd love, and humble hearts. As artists, they impressed the crowd, and as dudes the embraced the people. Lastly, it should be highlighted how different and amazing the visual experience of SNAILS was. We said it before, but he really crafted something that is so unique and really takes the concert experience to a new level. We cannot wait to see what comes to the screen next.

With such a good venue and lineup, there are only little tweaks we would love to see made. First is one Austin noted. There was not really a lot of moshing, which was strange for a dubstep show. Maybe the Bluestone has a policy or everyone wanted to stay modest on Sunday, but it felt like there were only one or two. Austin would have liked a couple more. However, we believe the reason for that could come from our second tweak, which was the microphone. The mic was not working/leveled properly, so the artists could not really be heard during the show. Lastly, Tanner noted the beer was a bit pricey, but he is a bit boujee so he was probably drinking IPA. Regardless, he said lower beer price would be nicer and incline him to drink more. None of these at all made us have a bad time though, so they were not too bad.

And that brothers and sisters in EDM, we have concluded the service. We hope you got something out of it, and look to come back next week. Remember to listen to a little bass every day, thank those who make it, and ALWAYS remember to stretch before headbanging. Before we close this up completely, we would like the just thank a few people. First and foremost we have to thank the Bluestone for hosting and the artists for being hosted. Everyone involved was amazing and it made for an amazing night. Past them we would like to thank Prime Social Group for organizing and more importantly Jordan Canada for helping us get there. None of this could happen with any of the support and positivity of these professionals and us EDM kids.

Until next time.


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