This Saturday Tanner attended yet another concert in Nashville. This time it was Crystal Method at Exit/In. The Exit/In is located in a very hipster area that has a lot of local bars on the same street that it is on. The Crystal Method started earlier then he was born, and you could tell by the age of the crowd.



The Exit/In is a Venue that Where’s The Vibe has never been too, but yet another amazing venue to add to the collection. The venue is located on the east side of Nashville and is favorable to the other bars in the area. Beyond exterior location, the bar also harbors phenomenal inside design.  As Tanner walked in he saw the bar on the right and behind him, there was a balcony that did not just host VIP- whoa. Under the balcony there was still area for people to watch the show. Along with the balcony area and the dancefloor, there was an outdoor area to Tanners left. Past all of this, the stage was in the rear of the venue. The venue was very open, in the sense of spacing and to the crowd.

The one odd thing about the venue was the fact that the men’s restroom seemed to be located almost backstage. The fact that guys walk up some stairs on the right side of the stage feels like going backstage rather than the bathroom.  Other than the restroom location, Tanner loved the very open venue, which provided so much room for dancing.



The Crystal Method- The only DJ that performed all night, but what a performance it was. Tanner arrived about an hour after he started DJing and when we walked in it was like a blast from the past. This was not because of the crowds age but because The Crystal Method was performing some sort of rock EDM. His stage presence was truly amazing, with every drop he got hype himself, helping the crowd do the same. Tanner thought how could this DJ, that was as old as his dad, get the crowd this hype… it was because the crowd was as old as he was. This was a DJ that was so popular when Tanner was just a baby that he drew a crowd that was in their 30s or 40s. But that being said Tanner still had a blast listening to rock EDM transition into House music and back and forth; he was dancing all over the place. His combination of rock EDM and house music appealed to both crowds and made for an outstanding set. Oh wait and did he mention that he performed from 8:30 to 11pm. What an amazing set it was,
props to The Crystal Method.

Done Well and Needs Work

Tanner believes that everything was done well from the placement of the bar, drink prices, balcony and the location of the stage. The is venue is another one of Tanner’s favorites. The main floor setup needed no change, and neither did the single artist line-up. Crystal Method’s set was done super well and deserves highlighting again, not only for musical vibe but also set length.

Two things that Tanner saw as minor improvements… the mens restroom location and the fact that he didn’t have any openers. The men’s restroom was practically located on stage and that seemed to require the venue hire another security guard. But again, the location of the restroom didn’t seem to phase Tanner that much as he was able to get a good picture from this angle. No openers for The Crystal Method just meant there was not multiple artists. This wasn’t something that Tanner was that upset about because he put on one hell of a show, but with an opener, the show could have lasted a little longer or showcased more talent. Neither of these hindered the show, seeing Tanner had a great time, but they could go to improve the next one.

Tanner had an amazing time at this show that flashed him theh istory of EDM. Not only in musical vibe, but also in the age vibe of the crowd. Thank you to The Crystal Method for putting on an amazing show and the Exit/In for hosting. Finally, we want to thank The Crystal Method for taking pictures with the fans, including Tanner, after the show- always a cool move by the artist.

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