Down in Nashville and made by Nashville. Tanner had another amazing opportunity to experience, once again, a line-up filled with only Nashville local DJ’s. Lucy Jane, the headliner for the night, gave Where’s The Vibe this amazing opportunity. Lucy Jane is another local Nashville artist that we have recently formed a friendship and relationship with. So it was even more amazing that Tanner was able to cover this concert as media and just be there for Lucy Jane. Huge thanks to Lucy Jane and the line-up for providing Tanner another phenomenal Nashville local show. So now for Tanner’s coverage.


The Venue

Tanner visits The Cobra for the 3rd time: The Cobra still remains the smallest venue that Tanner has ever been to. The smallness of the venue has no bearing on the vibes however, seeing it is one of the coolest venues Tanner has ever been to. The size only speaks to everything else about the venue. A sense of community and comfort are found because of the size. Through the night that continued feeling always amps the energy and ability to experience music your way. Couches located in the back of the Cobra and how close in proximity everyone always makes sure you make some friends. Cool euphoria resonates as the venue’s vibe but the music was headbanging- and that doesn’t clash.

Tanner always questions the Cobra’s set-up, but it is seeming to grow on him. Graffiti covered stage walls holding the artists are separate from the bar area. Whenever you want a drink, you have to take a little trip. The first time Tanner went he found this a little tedious, but the more and more he goes the less of an issue it really is.



T3L3PORT- Tanner arrived just as his set was ending but from what Lucy told him that he was killing it and from the little he saw… Tanner had to agree. He had an amazing stage presence and he sure started the night off with a bang of dubstep.

Sammy Beatzz- He remixed Dillon Francis- Need You with perfection so that won Tanner’s love for his set. Past just Dillon Francis, Sammy remixed many familiar song to Tanner, which really showcased his talent. He got the crowd involved by just picking up the mic a few times making sure everyone was having fun. He looked to ensure the crowd kept having fun, by looking like he was having a blast on stage. Tanner noticed Sammy always moving and always working. He was so into what was going on on his equipment; you could tell he was making sure he perfected his sound, but also that he loved doing it. Great set man!

Wicasa- This two man group was like nothing Tanner has ever experienced. Wicasa showcases a drummer and DJ simultaneously. Tanner thought DJ’s go hard, but the drummer was on a whole other level. His energy was off the CHARTS. Oh, and for even more of a surprise, the DJ pulled out the guitar during the set too. The live music set was so well put together and fit the duo perfectly. It showcased a dubstep version of ‘Space Jam’ that had Tanner headbanging along with the rest of the crowd. A dubstep remix of Marshmello slid in there as well. Even with all the remixes they did play Tanner heard many of their original songs mixed in as well. They really just showcased a well balanced and well thought out show. And they did it all with live drums- how absurdly unique.

Lucy Jane-  Tanner first saw Lucy at Breakaway-Nashville, so he was eager to see her for a second time. Moving from silent disco to headlining a show, she proved she deserves to be a headliner anywhere. She got the crowd and herself hype and dancing with her remixes that blew Tanner’s mind. ‘Cinema’ and Alison Wonderland were among some of the best songs and artist remixed. Not only the music she played made her amazing, but also the way she played it. Tanner could see that she was mixing the whole time. Keeping her headphones over her winter beanie so she was always ready or prepping that next transition. Being one of the few DJ’s Where’s The Vibe has seen puts her in a special place, and this set only amplified that. Her amazing stage presence and set, which showcased up and coming Lucy Jane music, makes her an amazing DJ in every sense of the word. Watch out for Lucy Jane!


Done Well and Needs Work

For the small venue and smaller local artists, the venue was a perfect choice. The bathroom being in the rear of the venue put it out of the way of everything, always a rave plus. Another plus was the flow between sets happened really well. Well enough that didn’t affect the vibe of the show, at all. Good venue. Good flow. Great artists, of different mediums. Well done where it counts.

Some minor improvements that are not even related to the DJs or the event planning… The venue, like Tanner mentioned earlier, was set so you could not get drinks where the music was playing. Of course this is a little disappointing, but that is no fault of the DJs. Possibly hiring a bartender to make/ serve drinks would have made more sense, but with a bar right next door this expense may not have seemed necessary. Walking between the two areas becomes less and less of an issue at the each show.

The people at this show were all so positive and really showed Tanner what the EDM FAM really means. It is always amazing to see the actual loving and unified nature of our community at work. Tanner got the opportunity to hang out with Achilles and Sara! It is always nice to see artists we support, especially when they are supporting artists we support. It was also nice to network with some more DJs that Where’s The Vibe look to work with. It reaffirms what we look to do with Where’s The Vibe, and why we are doing it. So we want to thank all of you show goers and EDM supporters for the fuel to keep going.

Even further past Where’s The Vibe, it is just so comforting to see the amazing nature of everyone at these shows. The support brought by fans and friends to see these local artists. The very humble nature of the artists, and their gratitude for being able to perform at the event. Both of those things just cycle and create such an amazing relationship. The power of the rave! So again, thank you to everyone involved for making this night happen. And special thanks to Lucy Jane for having Where’s The Vibe be a part of such an amazing event!


Until next time.



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