Timmer? I hardly know her!

This youngster Dion Timmer from the Netherlands is our artist of the week. He has started to make a name for himself in the Dubstep scene.

He discovered Dubstep at the age of 10. Finding music that inspired him, while he was so young, was the beginning of his success. His style is described like no other DJ in the industry: Blissed-out chord progression pitched up vocals, and faster tempos. That style shows in his newest release Very Extra.

In 2016 he would make a name for himself … He began the year releasing two EPs on Rottun Recordings (Plug Me In and My World EPs). But his 2016 peak was a collaboration with Excision “Final Boss”- an anthem to any dubstep listener. For Dion, 2016 was a strong year of creation for him and  

After his big 2016, he was able to make it as the opener for Excision for over 50 sold out shows. This put him on the big stage in front of so many headbangers- and all before the age of 18. He has now performed at Lost Lands the past two years with the backing of Excision. With such an amazing start, there is no knowing where he will be in the EDM scene within the next few years.

He has major releases coming soon with artists like Adventure Club, Snails, Bro Safari, and Excison. All just amplifying his potential of being Very Extra in the Dubstep scene. He for sure has a special place in our hearts. I have never see him live, but after this EP want to change that for sure.  Where’s The Vibe hopes to see you in concert soon Dion!

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