Tanner had the opportunity to see a full night of house this past weekend. The experience was something really speical and new to him. From the venue to the performers, the whole show was so well put together that it left Tanner very impressed. We wanted to send a special thanks to Daniel and the NHS for inviting us to the event and letting us capture it on camera. Another special thank you is due to our friend and artist Body Copy for putting us in touch with Daniel and the NHS. Lets get into the house now.

The Venue

This “secret” location goes down as Tanner’s favorite venue that he has ever been to. From the actual house party vibes to the DJ being right above you on a balcony DJ booth. This converted yoga and workout studio was perfectly reimagined, by NHS, into the magnificent dance venue. From the entrance you can make the choice to stay on the bottom floor, or move to the top. On the ground floor, you are put right into the cash bar and then move further to the dance floor. Off the dance floor were couches lined against the walls and a couple hammock type seats suspened from the ceiling.

Going back to the entrance and moving up brings you to the second floor. The second story is less a floor but a balcony over the dance floor below. It housed a second cash bar and further seating- much like the first floor. The couches on the second floor were very comfortable, Tanner noted. The couches also featured some giant stuffed bears that made for good cuddling. The feature coolest about the second floor, aside from the big bears, was the DJ booth. Having the booth on the second floor made it still accesible, but also put it above the main dance floor. This was a very cool feeling, and unique to the venues set up.


Body Copy- We just formed a relationship with Body Copy recently, so we were excited to see him. He not only introduced us to the NHS concert, but also introduced us to the house music that night. Tannerwas sure to be there at nine to support and experience his opening set. His set featured smooth house vibes that rang out very tropical house. No matter what type of house track he was dropping though, he had a talent to make everyone flow into the next. That ability to transfer one track into another really amplified the smoothness. We are so glad to have him on board with Where’s The Vibe.

Yabe- He took it up a notch with his set to bring us more of an uptempo vibe. The amp in pace and intensity were brought out in Yabe as well. Yabe matched the vibe of the music he was playing. He was having a blast on stage and illustrated that to the crowd, by the way he wore the headphones and being shoeless in the booth. Yabe was not only creating the vibe but also embrancing the vibe. A vibe that just continued as his set flowed song to song.

4niq b2b Kevin Kendall- Tanner at first didn’t think this was a b2b set. However, as the set went on, it became clear that 4niq and Kevin Kendall were handing it off to eachother. 4niq started off spining vocally lead house tracks. He kept the vibes and smooth, dripping with sultry voices, which kept Tanner head-bobbing. When Kevin Kendall started to spin the house turned into a hut, because he was spinning very tibal house sounds. The two with differing vibes kept the crowd interested, and heated up the dance floor a lot.

Evido b2b Subrinse- This duo plugged the mic in and cranked that heat all the way up on the dance floor. The uptempo and bass drops this duo forced out of the speakers had Tanner vibing hard to this set. The set served as an introduction to bass house and Evido brought in some extra speakers to get the crowd truly aquainted with the bass. In this set, you were able to hear the drops more definitively and that had the crowd shuffling.

Lou Flores- Tanner did not get a chance to see his set. Being at the venue at 9 pm had Tanner there all night and Lou wasn’t even on by 2 am. Tanner decided to call it a night around 2 am and he missed Lou’s set. Big apology to Lou, but it was just past Tanner’s bed time. We will be sure to make up for it here soon.

Done Well and Needs work

So many things were done well with this Nashville House Syndicate concert. The venue was Tanner’s favorite he has ever been to. The layout and the couches added to the vibe of the show. The smooth transitions from DJ to DJ continued through the night. Even further, DJs being above the dance floor was an amazing touch; it created such a unique dynamic.

There were only two things that Tanner noticed that could be improved. The restroom line and the set times. There was only one restroom for male and female so the line for it was pretty long. If there was another restroom in the venue it would have helped the line for the restroom line there already was.

Finally, the set times could have been better, in Tanner’s eyes… the headliner didn’t come on until 2am. Having the headlining set can be a little much for some people. Tanner was one who was just tired from dancing the night away. However, that is just Tanner. Late night sets are great for others, as long as you are rested up. Long lines and long nights are only minor downfalls though.

Thank you to The Nashville House Syndicate for letting Where’s The Vibe be media for this event and Body Copy for putting us in contact with Daniel the gentleman who runs NHS. We also wanted to thank all the DJs who performed, they all had amazing sets. Another great show for Where’s The Vibe.

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