Christmas, by tradition, is a time for family and a time for generosity. We, at Where’s The Vibe, are no Grinches but we are suckers for the season. So, we find it impossible to not use this Tuesday wisely. We are looking to give to our family this Christmas season… and you are in luck because you all ARE our family. We wanted to get something special for everyone that has become involved with us this year. Each and every one of you has given us so much and we really have felt at home doing what we do. So this Christmas we looked to present our fans all the great artists that we have come into contact with in 2018. These people are the lifeline of the industry, they are at the heart of what we do, and they have become some of our greatest friends and supporters, alongside you. (Click their names to link to their music.)

This gift, however, goes double for all the artists involved. Artists, we give you this post as a thank you. You have become some of our biggest fans, have given us some of our best ideas, and give our page life. You all inspire us and deserve recognition, so for Christmas we look to give you that. This post serves to show everyone we can possibly get it to just how amazing you are and all the good you have done this year. Sorry we didn’t wrap it, but we sure hope that you all like it. Merry Christmas


Rising DJ in Nashville, Achilles, is so very versatile and supportive. Not only of Where’s The Vibe but of his friends, colleagues, and music as a whole. He headlines shows as a phenomenal bass DJ but also supplements artist, Sara Benyo, as her show DJ. Where’s The Vibe has had the pleasure to see him serving both roles in separate shows, and he kills it everywhere. If you haven’t caught the Bowling Green, KY DJ, he is a resident at Rebar and is playing in Nashville or BG every weekend. Moving past DJing and into production, Achilles spreads his talent everywhere. Producing riveting dubstep music is a constant for him. Catch his Christmas Eve release, with artist Sickish, on his SoundCloud. Then stay tuned for two more planned releases coming soon.

Sara Benyo

If you want to see empowered and driven, look no further. Sara Benyo has taken her lifelong involvement with all sorts of music, mixed it with unbelievable determination and dedication to art, and has mounted an amazing come up. As a singer, Sara brings an amazing twist to what it means to be an EDM artist. She understands and embraces her pop EDM label and rocks it. So much so, that she threw her own ladies-night concert, which featured all-female pop EDM singers. An event that Where’s The Vibe was honored to cover and is excited to hear her discussion of continuing shows of that sort. Beyond singing for her own shows, she has played 14 shows over 2018, in Nashville: an amazing feat for someone who didn’t even live in Nashville a year ago. And beyond that beyond, Sara not only sings but DJs and is working on her production.

Lucy Jane

It is crazy to think we, in awe, watched this girl hopping on the silent disco stage at Breakaway Nashville, and now we have gotten to add her to this list. Lucy Jane is another firecracker to the Nashville scene. She is the sweetest trap/dubstep DJ you can find. She loves her music, the music of others, and the unity all of that music brings. Lucy is driven by community and unity. A drive that pushes her goal to expand the Nashville EDM scene, through the Johnny Grande crew. Past seeing her on stage at the silent disco, we have had the opportunity to see her on stage since. Most recently as she headlined the nine 2 grime show. We were elated to be there capturing moments of that concert and reviewing the night. And we are ready to do the same again as we ring in 2019, as she opens an NYE show at Limelight. All of her kindness and pride in her line of work make her an amazing artist to work with.


This rockstar duo absolutely kills the whole game. Wicasa uses their talents to highlight their talents to showcase their talents. These two gentlemen use their rock/metal instrument background and fuse that with EDM. They create a sound that is so different and impossible without the talent they possess. They have released multiple singles from their upcoming EP this last year, but you can catch all of the singles and some unreleased tunes on January 11th. We were lucky to come in contact with the two at nine 2 grime, seeing their unique set that features live drums and guitar- the flare that defines Wicasa. From there, we have been able to rapidly get talking and working together. They have come in with such excitement and passion, and we love when we feel that. We are excited to be covering that Jan. 11 EP, and to be in the works with two talented and driven dudes.


A ray of sunshine and rainbows that constantly hits us from the west coast. Rossy is a flower blooming positivity, gratitude, and talent. She is one of the earliest artists to work with us, and she makes an amazing impact. She is so open and willing to share with us and her fans. She puts herself so deeply into her music and it reflects perfectly to her listeners. You can hear her unique epic music in the FOUR SINGLES she has released, in only the last 4 months of the year. Check out ‘h a p p y’, which just came out last week. Beyond defining her style and killing production, she has been able to play some AMAZING shows. She played at Imagine music festival, opened for Jauz, has played for Brownies and Lemonade, and has so much more planned. She does all of this and only looks to thank and keep doing more for all of her fans and the community. On top of all that, she has killer style- be sure to give her pink hair a like on her latest Insta post. It should go without saying that we are GOING to see her in 2019, and everyone else should look to too.

Christian Bistany

An artist whom we have been there for longer than we have been Where’s The Vibe. Christian Bistany is a best friend to both of us, and we were excited to add him to Where’s The Vibe. He is hilarious, genuine, driven, and, dare we say, handsome. As an artist, he has reimagined what his contribution would be to EDM and settled on house. He has settled in the absolute right place. His tech house music thumps even for those with heavy feet. That music has been in no short supply either because Christian’s dedication to production has allowed him to release so much this year. When he isn’t producing, you can bet he is messing around DJing. Constantly practicing his craft, so it is polished for his shows. Shows that have included opening for MK and Camelphat, as well as Valentino Khan. He is so amazing in every aspect of EDM, helps us with our work, works a full time job, and as of Dec. 29 will have thrown his first show with Just A Party.

Dalli Ri

The DJ and producer shocked us this year with his Jawbreaker album. Holding a special place in our hearts, as our first partnered release and artist interview featured on our page. He is a stand-up guy that loves music and just being himself. Dalla Ri has an admirable ability to contribute himself to any situation he is in. He is calm cool and collected, which establishes him as an amazing contributor, in any category. His dubstep root but varying production was great to hear on Jawbreaker and at his album release party. A sound that may be in the past however, because Dalla Ri announced that the stage name is staying in 2018. Aaron, the man behind Dalla Ri, is looking to reinvent and reestablish in 2019. We are excited to see where he is going to take this year, and as always glad to be along for the ride with him.

Jimmy Rock

He holds a special place in our heart, as an Ohio native. Jimmy Rock lives and breathes music and the industry. Every aspect that you could imagine Jimmy in, he is in. He promotes, owns the promotion company, DJ’s, and now produces. And all because he thought he should give it shot and had some support. That same support he gets, he looks to give and it is what makes working with him such a joy. He has amazing perspective and insight. Jimmy also exhibits amazing talent, with his first singles, Premero and 84. Both were released this year and are strong first entries into his production portfolio. Jimmy travels all over DJing for all sorts of events. All of which he does as a father to his daughter. Jimmy has had such an amazing career and looks to keep adding to it. His strive has no end. We will be catching his upcoming shows in 2019! In the meantime, be sure to listen to his new playlist 84 bangers.

Body Copy

A bassist that transformed bass grooves to house grooves. Body Copy hasn’t fully given up the strings, but he is taking his house production and performance career by the reigns. He is a great guy that is dedicated to the music and the community. Over the last year, and in the short time we have been talking, Body Copy has demonstrated both of these attributes. We have seen his dedication to music through his production ability on social media and performing ability at the NHS show we attended. He gets the people moving with house music that is grooving. Past the music, Body Copy is so very generous to the community. He is all about helping others out. So much so, he put us in contact with the Nashville House Syndicate because he thought it would be a great connection for us. He has dedication to the art and to the people in and around it. This happily married Nashville man has plans for 2019, and we cannot wait to cover and support him with all he does.


Sickish adds another strong dubstep force to Nashville. This super chill artist has amazing talent and a web of connections, for anyone who needs them. He is actually close friends with some other Where’s The Vibe artists, which excites the family feel we look to create between everyone we talk to. He has made his connections open to us and opened a lot of doors for us this year. He also opened doors for all the bass heads out there with the tracks he’s made this year. Sickish released not only a handful of singles, but also some remixes of this years top tracks. His Christmas Eve release with ACHILLES, is just another addition to those 2018 singles. The song creation has only added to the amazing tracklist he has featured at his many 2018 shows. He is a contributor and supporter of EDM and an amazing artist to have on.

Nicholas Latiff

Deep house artist, Nicholas Latiff, brought an amazing excitement and talent to working with Where’s The Vibe. He is an amazingly personable guy focused on developing the relationships he creates. Nicholas has been working in music since he was 15, and found strong inspiration in his Latin roots (he’s Brazilian & Colombian). Moving up from South America, he now resides in Nashville. Nashville has given Latiff opportunity and he has done nothing short of seize it. He recently played a show on Dec. 7th and is working on finishing his first EP. If you happened to miss the show and are too eager to wait for his EP, you can go over to his SoundCloud and listen to his Dec. 7th show. We are just as excited as Nicholas to grow and develop ourselves and our relationship, but more importantly thrilled to see him grinding hard for this early 2019 EP.


Our first international connection, Bassani, is the Canadian carer. This guy has more love and empathy than he does blood in his veins. He has a magnificent attitude that has been developed by his life journey. Using music as a tool to bridge gaps, heal people, and just experience is his bread and butter. Bassani’s tech house music is a strong indication of his talent, but also his dedication to his goals. He is putting in hard work on music creation and playing shows. This year he even had the opportunity to open up for Chris Lorenzo. This amazingly supportive and passionate individual has backed us up and pointed us in many of the right directions. We are excited to be giving that support right back as he is looking to keep killing it in 2019.


A real peach of EDM, FRSHMNYR is a dubstep artist producing out of Georgia. His name may lack vowels, but it sure does carry talent. He has hit SoundCloud with multiple tracks this year. We haven’t been able to make it to any of his shows this past year, but are excited to catch him in Nashville during 2019- January 18th to be exact. Early 2019 will hopefully bring us a FRSHMNYR EP, so stay tuned. Amazing music, a great personality, and a great management team (shoutout Chris) make it impossible not to be excited about the future.

Infernal Rhein

A product of the concrete jungle, Infernal Rhein brought intensity and inhibition to the table from the start. His amazing personality and desire come from his love of EDM. As a music maker, performer, listener, and concert goer he appreciates the whole culture. Everything about the industry inspires him. His head is full of so many great ideas; ideas we are excited to see come to fruition. We can see the products of his mind this year, with his HALLOWS EVE EP release and most recently KRAMPUSNACHT. 2019 will keep the ideas coming, and hopefully Rhein will get the first ever Where’s The Vibe inspired song out! Without a doubt though, Rhein will be starting to fill venues this 2019.


He is representing the west coast and bringing the wild dance beats. MVSE is an exceptional artist that came asking how he could help Where’s The Vibe. Simply by bringing his talent and team to us, he has already done so much. MVSE is an artist for the culture. He showcases his style on both his first single, All For Myself, and on his RL Grime remix. He has a smooth sound that inspires happiness and that sparks the feeling of festival season; which he is looking forward to slaying in 2019, especially after being able to play Common Unity Music and Arts last year. During the same summer, he even had the chance to open up for Boombox Cartel. MVSE has used 2018 to solidly establish himself, and we are excited to see all to come in 2019.


HRNA actually found us this year. We sure are glad that he did. Friends with artists that we know already, Rossy and MAGZ, HRNA fits with this family. The Californian has a gift for music, so much so that he has fast tracked his career this year. His house/trap production and performance are so well self-developed that he was able to land three dope shows this year. His work with others and self-work are sure to streamline his killer personality and music across the U.S. We sure are going to do everything to help make that happen. Kick your new year off right with his New Year’s day release of ‘Purpose’.


An artist inventing himself and his brand in 2018. He gradually came into the EDM scene, and finally took the jump this year to make it happen. The Californian brought an excitement for collaboration and genuine nature to us. It is exciting and wonderful to see artists just starting and taking the risk like we are. This year alone MAGZ took the risk to market himself to his social media platforms and let people, who knew him before production, know about his passion. This year he released a series of ‘Escapism Mixes’, released his first official track, and played sets for Brownies & Lemonade and supporting Jauz. MAGZ jumped two feet first into the ocean of EDM in Cali and because of it he is making huge strides for himself. We are glad that he wants us along helping and supporting, but most importantly we are just glad he took the leap.


A young bass gun from California. We caught Sector at a perfect time in his career. He has been making music for seven years but really serious for the last two. Earlier in 2018, he released an 11 song album. Since that album though, he has reflected and decided to pivot a little bit. Sector has amazing self-perception and self-confidence. He is very willing to embrace change and understands it is all part of what is going to get his Bass tracks worldwide. Since his change of direction, Sector has released two singles, Daze and Initiate, and is working his rebrand so well. He also had the opportunity to play Bass Therapy this December. 2019 looks to continue the reimagination of his brand, and the development of his art. We are excited to be experiencing his journey, and helping as we can along the way.

Sego Genesis

Nashville artist Sego Genesis takes highlighting talent to the next level. Being a resident over at the Tin Roof and releasing killer singles all year long have allowed him to shine this year. He has been able to highlight his own talent by releasing five singles this year: most recently ‘Pacific”. His own talent in dance music production and performance are not all that he goes to highlight. Sego also looks to highlight all sorts of EDM. Creating 4 feature Spotify playlists that house DJ’s of all kinds. Sego uses his playlists to showcase the talent of those around him. His hype of the genre as a whole and understanding that all artists deserve support and love make him such a spectacle. He has used his year to build so much more than just himself. His compartmentalization between self and community show crazy balance. There is a dedication, to something so deep, reflected in his actions; a dedication that sets him apart and excites us to talk with him. We can only imagine the possibilities 2019 holds for him and company, but we know its about to play out so nicely.

That concludes our artist gift, but we would also like to highlight a few other non-artist relationships we have formed this year. They may not make music, but they sure do make strides in the industry. All of the people below have granted us with unique opportunities and, of course, good friends.

Jourdan Waid

A promoter in the Nashville EDM scene, Jordan Waid officially just put all her marbles into her company- Electric Events. She is beginning to organize her own EDM events, in the Nashville area! She has been a great friend and concert buddy to Tanner. Jordan has also been a great network builder and mentor to Where’s The Vibe, as a whole. Her support and guidance show such faith in us, which has boosted so much growth. We look to do everything we can to help her because of the compassion and generosity she has shown. We look to simultaneously grow in 2019 and hopefully expand her event reach outside of Nashville. Most importantly though, we look to collaborate for an Electric Vibe show- the possibilities are endless.

UFO Collective

This group has been growing and changing since we met, but never once did they neglect to be there for us. UFO Collective is a Nashville based company with its eyes set on the sky. There organization and planning ability has been so admirable. The group has been so great to us: they have provided us a partnered release, set up weekly phone calls, assisted/included us in planning, helped influence some early decision making for our company, and really just given us a lot of insight. It would be wrong not to thank them for being so down-to-Earth and welcoming. We are looking forward to their rebranding, getting ahold of some of their merch, and hopefully getting to a UFO event. No matter what the future holds though, we wouldn’t be as solidly set if it weren’t for this group.

Jordan Canada

A dear friend and Prime Social Group member. Jordan Canada is a fraternity brother of ours, and has provided the two of us with quite a few hook-ups. From concert tickets to some insight on PSG, Jordan has been as supportive as possible. We appreciate so much of what he has given and hope he sees how much it has helped.

The Nashville House Syndicate

Daniel and the NHS are a new connection for us, but one that has shown such worth. From Daniel just being a cool guy to the support they have expressed to us, the company looks to be a great continued relationship. Most importantly, however, is that they know how to throw a party. We are grateful to the events we have been to and look to the future for more.

Lastly, before we close, a special thanks to the IDGAFOS crew and the EDM community for always vibing with us at all the shows we go to. The energy and experience would not be the same without all of you. Thank you for everything you do.

Thank you, the reader, for becoming part of our family this year. 2018 has been so great and we weren’t a page for even half of it. So thank you for being here so early and know it is only going to get better. Merry Christmas.

Until next time.


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