First and foremost, Happy New Year! We at Where’s The Vibe hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve with loved ones and enjoyed a relaxing New Year’s Day off. We had the privilege of being in the same state for the New Year, which gave us the opportunity to get some big work done. More importantly, though, it let us spend time having a blast together for the last time in 2018 and the first time in 2019.

With all the fun we had, we also took time to look back on the last year. Like every year, 2018 had ups and downs for us, as individuals. But the one thing that makes 2018 different for any other year, for the both of us, was this right here. Creating Where’s The Vibe has been possibly the greatest experience that 2018 brought us. In looking back on it, we would like to take the time to show ourselves off in a way. Look back at our accomplishments in 2018 and show them off a little. Then as a thank you to all of you, for being here during 2018, we will also preview our 2019 goals and close with a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. Let’s get to it!


In Aug. 2018, the blog Where’s The Vibe was created. That same month, we were able to cover our first festival: Breakaway Music Festival- Columbus. The same month we got matching tattoos in honor of the man, Dillon Francis, and were able to draw 86 monthly visitors.

September then brought us another HUGE highlight. Other than getting into the groove of things and establishing a schedule, we received our first free tickets to a music festival. Thrival Music + Arts Festival gifted us a free set of GA tickets, which allowed us to do our first ever giveaway. The same festival gave us one of our greatest life moments, which was getting Dillon Francis a shirt we made for him. He even shouted it out on Snapchat- that alone could have made our year.

October was marked by the founding of Where’s The Vibe LLC. We were honored enough to make our site an official Limited Liability Company. With that big milestone, we also took it upon ourselves to do a full revamp of our site. It went from a dark and strange starter site to the light and sleek website you are reading this on.

November and December are when we really have hit our stride. The brunt of our networking and solid writing have been done in the last two months. In the last two months of the year, we were able to bring our album post count up to 17. So in 2018, we brought you 17 album reviews, 17 artist bios, and 15 playlists of the week. And out of those 17, we were able to make 2 of them partnered releases. In addition to those 17 posts, we were able to make it to, and cover, 20 different EDM events. Out of those 20, we were given media access to five of those! Then because of all of those posts and all the support, we took that visitor count of 86, in August, and topped our monthly visitor count at 287- FOR ONE MONTH. All of those views brought us up to over 1,000 views (year-to-date).

Of course, there is one more number that we are immensely proud of this year. As we highlighted in our Christmas post, we were able to add 20 artists and 3 non-artists to our Where’s The Vibe family. So basically we have made 23 friends, supporters, collaborators, and lastly, we are their biggest fans. It is amazing to think all of that came from 4 months in 2018!

With such a great start, it could be easy to become stagnant and content. Luckily though, we are always hungry and know we can keep getting better. So here are our goals for 2019:

  • Move to a monthly-visitor-average of 300
  • Cover 100+ events, over the course of the year
  • Have 1 exclusive/partnered release per month
  • Get the opportunity to have a pop-up market at an event
  • Have our first Where’s The Vibe event in Columbus
  • Add 100 more artists added to the WTV family, by 2020
  • Lastly, add two more shirts to our merch line

So we have a lot of high goals, but you know we will be working every day to get there. We have been told, by so many, that we are different and unheard of in our industry but at the same time, we are needed. We look to keep bringing that to all of you, staying true to our passion and love, and committed to what we are founded in: bringing you the fresh EDM vibe. So let’s get to getting in 2019!

Oh yeah, we didn’t know if you caught the hint, but we said: “add two MORE shirts to our merch line”. That statement would mean that we would have to have merch launched… which means we have just launched our merch? Oh yeah, our big announcement is that OUR MERCH IS OFFICIALLY UP FOR SALE! You can hit the shop tab in the store and pick-up the first Where’s The Vibe T-shirt. We cannot wait to start getting them to you. So we have officially gotten to getting in 2019, thanks for being along for the ride!

Until next time.


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