We tried pretty hard this week to find the meaning of the word “Esalia”. We hit every search engine, translator, and dictionary around; after all that, we came up with nothing. There was no big meaning or explanation tied to the word “Esalia”, and we could not be happier. Because “Esalia” had no concrete definition before means that Sound Quelle and Referna provide the first definitions. The definition is as follows:

    Esalia: [ee-sah-lee-uh]


            1. a euphoric deep house collaboration crafted, by a duo of climbing EDM artists

2. a list of transcendent bops

The defining collaboration album was released Jan. 4, 2019. The EP kicks the year off for two artists with a huge stride in the right direction. Sound Quelle and Referna use the short three song list to smoothly coat the listeners’ ears with relaxation and elevation. This EP is the oasis of 2019 thus far. So let’s explore…

The first song and title track, ‘Esalia’, adopts the house criteria of being driven by bass so well. The song has this full and thumping bass, that moves the listener into the song. The intro is the instrumental showcase, for the song. In the first moments of the song, you hear pretty much all the sounds that will come together throughout the song. This foreshadowing provides for a smooth and level ride. As the listener, you just are overcome by the flowing power of this song- especially with the honey like vocals that echo through the song. Other than phenomenal production and the silk smoothness of progression, the song is also given a little pop by the use of the upper register. There is an ascending flute-like sound as well as these jungle-like kicks that appear during the song. Those sounds interupt the smoothness with bursts of enhanced stimulation- engaging the listener so exstensively.

‘Arlea’ starts off as the definition of you. Boisterous guiding bass with a mid kick and a high hit progressively built on. That rhythm is then halted by the unignorably beautiful vocals. As the vocals take over the song, this ambient synth sound accompanies it. The vocals take the lead and invite the previous rhythm set to re-enter the song more subtly. Rather than being that bass-driven intro, ‘Arlea’ becomes this bubbling lava lamp of euphoria. There is a sense of containment, while still allowing dynamic behavior. The song just floats the listener in the room they are in, with the use of synthesized sounds. Everything around you becomes just as weightless and wonderful because of the entrancing sound of ‘Arlea’.

Picking up the pace and closing the EP is the song ‘Lauria’. This track takes the EP from deep house to more of a progressive house vibe. A switch that is not a conflict of interest or jarring, but showcasing the adaptive nature of the artists making it. ‘Lauria’ holds to the bass, kick, high hat, and clap formula of house. The song then uses the introduction of vocals to build upon that skeleton structure. You hear phenomenal low bass sounds and intricate high patterns layering onto the song. ‘Lauria’ is this very fun listening experience. It has everything in it, including an amazing sound breakdown halfway through the song. The track checks so many boxes in our brains that we didn’t even think would be checked at the opening. The vocals “You don’t know” become the vibe of ‘Lauria’ because you truly don’t know what could emerge next- but you know it’ll be great.

Esalia becomes another phenomenal album on our radar. The artist duo creates an amazing soundscape and an amazing transformation of the house formula. There is so much feeling in each one of there songs, and the experience of all of them is so wonderful. It is so great to now have that be the only experience we have stored under Esalia, in our brains, because hearing that will only bring us back to the amazing work of Sound Quelle and Referna. We are so glad to have found this sound on this EP, and cannot wait to see what they can bring us next.

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