A relatively up and coming duo of artists, Sound Quelle and Referna, pair up after their first single together “Gapona” to produce the masterpiece that is “Esalia”.

Oleg Kudinov, better known as Referna, is a music producer from Russia that is just getting his start in the electronic music realm. He has not had too much of a career thus far, but with another single and this new EP he will be on the rise worldwide.

Valery Lebedev, also known by his stage name Sound Quelle, is a well-established DJ that was born in 1990. He got his musical start in 2010 with a single called Long Way. “Esalia” is considered his first album and is a gem. His music is defined as trance but is defined by a strong bass line and these developed harmonious sounds.Those attributes also land him in the deep house/progressive house genres. He has been able to produce on multiple record labels such as Enhanced, Premier, Armada Music, and many more. He also has the backing of some big manes in the DJ world like Paul van Dyk and Above & Beyond.

The two artists had a phenomenal collaboration with Esalia, and I can imagine they will only build from there. They have clearly represented their talent and potential to us, and it is great to now have on eye (and ear) on them.

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