The talented production duo, Wicasa, bring the vibe with this EP. The Casa EP was released this morning, January 11th, and boy is it juicy. The Nashville EDM duo pair not only their brains but also their extensive talents to bring an amazing listening experience. Wicasa develops so many different ideas of music. The five-song EP synthesizes instrumental talent, crafting power, and the production of electronic music; in doing so, the listener is given so much variation. Sound variation does not distract you as you listen, because it all feels so balanced. So let’s open the front door, wipe our feet, and take a tour of The Casa.

The first three songs, of The Casa, are a class in supreme sampling science. This science is what creates that amazing balance and yet impulsiveness of Wicasa’s music. ‘Gawdzilla (Hands Up)’ is our first lesson. The song opens into a very future bass sounding intro, which drops into this potential building dubstep drop. A drop that it delivers, and a drop that brings with it the sounds from before. The duo uses the future bass interlude to enhance the dubstep- and then seasons the song with so many AMAZING sound cuts and clips. And not just using the sound cuts, but using them in a way that the song would have holes without them. They are used as instruments, hype tools, and transitions. Gawdzilla (Hands Up) is a strong opener that opens the listener to the Wicasa dubstep twist.

Non-dubstep sounding intro returns, in ‘Bottom’. The song opens sounding very techno/house. Its very club-like and thumpy, and then the lyrics take the spotlight. The lyrics distract the ear and allow the dubstep to billow from below. Vocals begin to build with the dubstep come-up, and then WHAM the grimiest zip melody you could imagine. Its so energetic and electric. Just as that breaks, you are then introduced to the guitar lead. The song takes you all over the place, but does so in a way that make sense- demonstrating that gentle balance once again. The song is overflowing with energy and ambition. ‘Bottom’ is very reminicent of a mix, because of all that is able to capture in it’s 4 minute run time.

We come to the end of sample city as we hear ‘Pop’ come into the headphones. Wicasa starts ‘Pop’ quite transparently, compared to the last tracks. The song has that dubstep undertone from the get-go. Don’t worry they make it there own like always. Cutting the voice clip to build the drop, throwing in snipets of different sounds, and THE WATER DROP. They do all of that, while still making this headbanging masterpiece… oh and the guitar comes in again. It is just never ending talent.

As ‘Pop’ closes, we get to the last two songs of the album that show a different side to Wicasa. Where the front of the album was very sample science and melding dubstep with literally anything, the back half is showcasing vocal talent and versatility. That showcasing beings with ‘No Control’. We here the vocal styling of GBM accompanied by the futuristic chiming melody. A melody that stays relatively simple and gently blossoms into this very synthetic simplicity. Wicasa does a good job of using the music to balance the harsh nature of the voice and words, with their production. The song sets an energy level that doesn’t define it as a rap song or an EDM song… we hate to say it again but BALANCE. The Casa is showing the world that Wicasa has a way of making amazing music in any capacity, and continually add their sound/brand without becoming overwhelming.

Closing out the album, Wicasa gives ‘Start to Fall’. The song features Melon and Sick Timez, to provide a very classic dubstep feel. The female vocals are very middle range and very pure sounding. Below them, you hear this bubbling build that is so familiar to older school dubstep. That pattern is altered when Wicasa twists it all up. Adding the amazing percussion and guitar that layers and contrasts the dubstep production. It mellows out the dubstep, adds character to the production, and puts a bow on the perfect gift that is The Casa.

Wicasa sets such a new, significant, and un-experienced vibe with this album. Their style, ability, execution, and clear love for the art make it so enjoyable to listen to them. The five-song EP, The Casa, shows the shape and texture of Wicasa music. The duo produces music that is electric and dynamic and does so through underused methods. It is inspiring to see them bring so much of themselves and their talents into recording. It makes us raving fans and excited collaborators. So thank you to our friends, Blake and Kyle, who are the duo Wicasa; thank you for the opportunity to collaborate for this EP and for the work you have put into the making of the EP.

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