Blake and Kyle have become one and form the duo we know as Wicasa. I was able to interview Wicasa as a whole and learned about the two as individuals as well. So let’s get to know, this dynamic duo!

Blake and Kyle were both born in 1990, Blake on April 9th and Kyle on May 3rd. Blake, while growing up in Cincinnati, was in multiple rock bands playing guitar. Kyle, on the other hand, grew up in New Jersey until he was 10. Once Kyle was 10 though, his whole family moved to London for 10 years! Amongst all those years, Kyle learned to play the electronic drums. They both wanted to continue to play their instruments in a live setting, and at the same time were both being drawn toward EDM. The two, with like passions, met through some mutual friends in college. From there, Wicasa came to be.

After they graduated in 2012 they got a mini controller with an Ableton trial and instantly fell in love. They then bought the full program and took 2-3 years to learn, from YouTube videos and relevant articles, how to produce. Which brought them to 2016, where they played their first show at a birthday party. During their performance, the crowd at that birthday party was out of control. They loved the energy and being the reason people were having such an amazing time. It was that moment that they knew this was what they wanted to do.

Then in 2017, they released their first EP. From that EP, they say they only play a few songs in current sets. After this EP the thing they needed the most was support and to find the right people in the EDM community. They found this going to shows and showing their faces. Just getting to know their fans lead to them starting to get booked for shows.

This year, they mentioned they had some awesome highlights, like creating the Nine 2 Grime nights in Nashville and just completing for the 4th episode. Also, their most recent show at Limelight on NYE was one to remember for them… they always found themselves in the audience but on the stage on NYE that all changed.

Wicasa believes growing in the scene is all about the music you produce and how you have to always keep it changing. They would like to use more collaborations and like-minded people to grow their music even further. There is always room for growth, they say, and they will continually develope their sound. Their dream, in the EDM scene, is to grow their music and following to one day go on a stadium tour.

The duo like most had some setbacks. I got to hear about those and how they overcame them. Wicasa mentioned that in the beginning they were not getting shows booked and they kept getting shot down. The key, for them getting past that, was never giving up. Even having their hands full with their busy day jobs in the music industry and being full-time dog parents, with full schedules, they never gave up.

Under the music and the stories, Kyle and Blake are still just dudes. They both love IPA’s but Kyle will never turn down the American classic- Bud Heavy. Other than drinking and hanging with their friends they love to relax, run, and hang with their dogs. Blake’s favorite artists are Nightmare, Griz, and Illenium… and in fact, he attended Nashville Breakaway to see all three. Kyle enjoys Skrillex and would love to play Electric Forest’s Mainstage, on the second night. He sees them playing at E-Forest because he doesn’t think you can beat that environment. An environment you probably can’t imagine, however, is a hammered man trying to get jiggy with Dora the Explorer. Wicasa sure doesn’t have to imagine that, because they witnessed it and marked it as the weirdest EDM crowd occurrence.

I really enjoyed talking to this rock-dubstep duo that is Wicasa. I can’t wait to see where they go because they are really up to something with their different sound and unique on stage presence. In regard to The Casa EP, they really hit it out of the park for being all made in their house studio… notice the correlation there?

Wicasa isn’t going to Start to Fall any time soon.

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