Far north, past Santa’s workshop and all the ice, we know there is an island that harbors all the cast out toys. Better known as the Island of Misfit Toys brought to fame by Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer. Just recently discovered, however, is the counter-part island. Located somewhere around the equator there is an island producing magma-hot dubstep beats. It inhabits male artists- welcome to the Island of Misfit Bois.

Those three bois (and one ghost), collaborating on Misfits EP, are DJs known by the names of KJ Swaka and Hi I’m Ghost. These are our artists this week.

Seattle native, KJ Sawka, at twelve years old started his musical career. At age eighteen, his electronic music development and production began. Over the years Sawka has grown a unique brand. He uses a customized drum kit with his production and performance. However, in the studio, the drumset it electronic but he performs with a real drumset. His percussion strong production comes from his major influencer, Phil Collins.

In 2010, Sawka became the drummer for Pendulum and appeared on their Immersion album. The group then reunited in 2016 for a single live show at Ultra Music Festival and went on tour in 2017.

Apart from the DnB/electronic rock band, KJ founded a supergroup Destroid in 2012. The group consisted of Excision and Downlink and Sawka on the drums.

In 2015 he was able to do what all DJs dream of doing… created his own record label. That record label became Impossible Records.

His most recent accomplishment was this last Friday 1/11 with his newest album Misfits with Hi I’m Ghost. This Dubstep album will blow your mind so make sure you check out our review of it in our Album Review.

The other half of Misfits is our second artist- well artists actually. The spooky trio is better known by the names Nathan Davis, Tiago Nunez, and the little Ghost. The group focuses on the darker side of EDM making the sound that comes from the shadow of dance music. With the help of Ghost, two humans have been able to bring the bass to originals, remixes, and collaborations. Apparitions and humans are on officially on the rise.

The growth of the group really began after the release of their second EP Slumber Party. However, they made the stride with Slumber Party because they had a pretty successful first shot at an EP- with Hi Friends

Their originals not only grew their fan base but also go the attention of the whole EDM community. Success in production led them to collaboration with some huge names, such as R3HAB, Krewella, Snails, Riot Ten and more.  In 2017 they released with Firepower Records, Dim Mak Records, and collaborated with Figure on his EP Heartbeat of Hell.

And that wraps up the headcount of Misfit Bois. It has been a remarkable discovery. So we hope the island continues to prosper and release heated beats to the world. Until the next release from the guys and the ghost…


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