Unmarried and exactly the puzzle piece you need; meet Ms. Fits. Such a lovely lady’s name is also a homophone to our album of the week. January 11th marked the release date for the duo project “Misfits”. The EP is a collaboration of the artists KJ Sawka and Hi I’m Ghost. The artists combine their talents to create an exceptional dubstep EP, with a twist. Not only are the four songs, on the album, killer, but the cover art is also so well done! There is a very intriguing and intense vibe from the artwork, which continues through the music. Let’s check out how!

The collaboration, Misfits, is so amazing because it allows both Sawka and Ghost showcase their own styles. The first strong showcase is on the title track- “Misfits”. KJ Sawka shines through the entire song with the amazing percussion. His talent on the drums drives the song and brings the natural undertone to the song. The drum set brings us to the dubstep overhaul that ensues. “This one’s for the misfit kids” brings a onslaught of amazing electronic production. The song is dark but interestingly seems darkest when the rock instruments are leading the song. The drops actually bring it up and use the rattling dubstep to relieve the eerie nature, especially the second drop that takes the pace up. The songs feel very dystopian and encouraging of blissful anarchy. They make going hard feel justified.

“WAT” expands on that feeling. The song stays in this low register, that makes you feel post-apocalyptic. The sounds from ‘WAT’ seem to tell the story of the album cover. You get this ‘Mad Max’ type scene from both, and the music goes to develop that so well. Metallic sounds, sirens, war drums, screams, etc. encourage your body to become rigid and prepared to fight. The song paints a picture so well, and again uses drops to showcase different sounds. Probably the most distinguishable attribute of the song is the pacesetter chirp/vocal that echoes through each drop. The sound sticks out and really adds something amazing to the song.

The next two slots on the EP are a crazy cool way to go about collaborating- one that we have never seen on this page. The third song ‘NVR BE’ is a Hi I’m Ghost solo song. The song is considered electro house, but really showcases the dark nature of the artists. The song has amazing energy and is constantly moving. The opening vocals morphing so dynamically through the song is so impressive. Ghost makes each vocal shift correlate with what the song around it is doing. Again we get to hear the change of pace between the first and second drops of the song. The solo song becomes so revealing each sound/style that belonged to Hi I’m Ghost in the collaborative songs before. Such an amazing set-up to the album.

The set-up becomes more enthralling when we listen to the last song. ‘NVR BE- KJ Sawka Remix’ closes the album, and is Sawka’s transformation of the solo Hi I’m Ghost track. You can hear where everything came from, but WOW Sawka brings the pace, the volume, and of course that drum set. The song brings ALL the dubstep to the dark-electro-house-Ghost sound. The song just sucks your soul right out, and you watch it chew it up and spit it back at you. Like ‘NVR BE’, this song shows you what Sawka brought to the collaborations and how he was balanced by Hi I’m Ghost. What a trip between the two songs though!!

Misfits is such a good unity. The dark styles of both artists allow them to bridge the gaps in genre sound and produce songs that sound amazing. Our first two tracks really exhibit that the collaboration works and doesn’t feel wrong. The first half kicks ass in creating two songs that really embody the album so well- especially when paired with the cover art. When it comes to the second half, what a smart creative layout of songs. Not only do we get to see collaboration, but we also get to see each artist contribute alone. ‘NVR BE’ and its remix show what each artist brought to the table earlier. Even cooler, we get to see Sawka reimagine the sound Hi I’m Ghost produced. Having it be so different but still belong on the EP, because the sounds held in the collaborative songs. The album really delivers on every category- unlike the title suggest, it fits right in.

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