A super Nova of Talent took place at the Back Corner Friday night- get it? Because stars blew up…

Nova Talent Agency presented some of the Where’s The Vibe Fam, including Lucy Jane, K-Lo, Wicasa, Achilles, and FRSHMNYR. Nova Talent was gracious enough to have us out and hook us up with a media pass, for Tanner. This pass was able to get him backstage access to take all the pictures he needed to. A special thanks to the Nova Talent team for throwing a supernova show, now lets dive into the epicenter of that supernova, as Tanner takes over for our first first-person review.

The Venue

The Backcorner, located just north of Nashville nestled in the heart of Germantown, was the venue for the night. This nightclub was located across from an apartment complex and since I was driving I thought the parking was going to be an issue.   surprise, I was able to find street parking right across from the venue. Getting into the venue was a breeze and, as I walked in, the venue layout just seemed right. The restrooms were located down a hall just left of the entrance. The stage was located at the back and the bar was locked in the center of the venue. The square shape of the bar made was unique because all 4 sides were utilized. As you walk past the bar, you see there are comfortable couches, on each side. Continue moving and you find the big dance floor located right in front of the stage. As if the venue couldn’t get any better, there was still more to it. On both sides of the club, there was a complete second floor overlooking the bar, dancefloor, and stage. This venue is wide open with spaces and the locations you can enjoy the show any way you would want; whether that be relaxing, dancing, or just watching everything happen. This is venue is for sure in my top 5.


FRSHMNYR- He was about halfway through the set when I arrived. But the half of his set told me all about how fresh his dubstep really is. This is my first time seeing him and he made sure I want to see him again. His flow was amazing and he really got the dubstep vibe going for the whole night.

Achilles- First off, shout out to him for wearing our Where’s The Vibe T-shirt- it was surreal getting to see one of our artists DJing in our merch. And of course, in that shirt, he threw down! He was the best he has been in any set I have seen of his. Along with playing some great remixes, he played some of his own songs and some of his friend’s songs as well. But the highlight of his set was when he jumped down to the crowd and started headbanging with them. His stage presence is off the charts.

Wicasa- I finally got to meet the two behind the drums and the guitar of this group called Wicasa. Backstage I ran into Kyle practicing his electric drums on a piece of wood that said not a chair, I thought that was pretty funny… he said someone tried to sit on his practice dum last show. That little practice had him killing the drums and sweating all over the stage. His energy and headbanging on the stage were outstanding. And don’t forget about Blake rocking it out on the guitar and getting the crowd hyped up during his guitar solos. Another great rock EDM set with the sounds of their new EP The Casa spread throughout.

K-LO- He threw down some nasty beats that made his set flow like a continuous banger. His set had the crowd hype drop after drop. Also, he had some classic dubstep drops mixed with his own creative drops that made his set flow really well. Every drop that he was playing made seemed to be video perfect moments because they were just that nasty that needed to be shown to the world. This was my first time seeing him and I would want to see him time after time at any show he plays.

Lucy Jane- The headliner once again and once again she threw down… but this time even HARDER than she did at nine 2 grime. With the time since her last set, her flow improved and her stage presence was even better this time. She threw in some even nastier drops and even a new song from her friend. To wrap up the whole show she was able to keep the crowd headbanging and the vibes going.

Great job to all the artists maintaining the vibe of the night: nasty drop after nasty drop!

Done Well and Needs Work

The venue layout was one of the best I have been to. Like I mentioned before the venue had an open layout, comfortable seating, and, best of, a big dance floor. Isn’t the dance floor one of the biggest things that matter for an EDM show? Of course, it is!

Another aspect that was done well was the flow between sets they had all of the CDJs set up for each of the DJs. They were very smooth because the previous DJ was saying thank you as the next DJ was starting to play. The smooth movement and friendship seen between the DJ’s amped the shows flow and, in turn, the overall vibe.

There is only one thing that I didn’t like about the venue. The men’s bathroom only one stall and one urinal, which lead to a consistent line inside and outside the restroom. Thankfully there was a bathroom backstage that I could use, to speed the process.

To wrap up this supernova of sound and talent, we just wanted to thank all of the DJs that performed Friday night and Nova Tallent for a great night.

Until next time.


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