Crotia Squad hit the world last week, with the release of his Rock With Me EP. The 3-song album came to Spotify Jan. 18 and, with it, brought crispy house beats. The album features strong bass lines, tough vocals, and well developed intense melody lines. Only running eight-minutes long, Crotia Squad packs every second full of cleanly developed sound. Rock With Me is a force to be reckoned with: harder than stone and cooler than ice. Lets get rockin’ and rollin’ with a solid breakdown.

The title track, ‘Rock With Me’, kicks off our EP. This song is bursting at the seams with energy. Simple vocals that encourage you to get hype for the music become a supplement to the bass bumping song. As you listen, you can feel the sound trying to escape your speakers or headphones. ‘Rock With Me’ has a very tech soundscape after the drop, but keeps an organic feel because of the bass line. The song is a killer example of a house party house anthem. You cannot help but feel the warmth of a full dance floor when you listen. Wherever you are is trying to become that place when this song is played. A killer opening and title song for Crotia’s EP.

Following ‘Rock With Me’, ‘They Want Beats’ opens with the strong deep vocal sample. The vocal sample has that 90’s era rap vibe, and is given life by the rhythm the clap establishes. After a loop of the clap-vocal portion, the song bursts with boisterous string sounds. The burts usher on the build to a very deep drop. ‘They Want Beats’ matches the very low/gangster feel of the vocal sample, with a drop that stays low and unsettling. The deep sounds of the hook balance well with the string sounds from before, as well as the space whistle sounds that also emerge. The song also has a distiguishable couple times where the vocals are not present- it is at these times you feel the deep dark feeling of the tech house. Another factor that makes this song so unique is the second drop- it uses the build-up so well and then lets a low end rhythm hover us over the drop for a second or two. Cutting the title track is one last vocal that seems to just trail off into the next track.

‘Corrosive’ brings the trailing high wisp left by ‘Rock With Me’, and gives it body. From the get-go, the song feels lighter and bouncier. This is a theme the track carries, for its whole runtime. The song is a shufflers dream- it features sections of strictly low sound, strictly high sound, and, even the times the song vacates sound to build back up, it features the pace setting high hat. The vocals are catchy and still fall back behind the sound of the song, in a way that the house beat is the focus. A jumpy and dynamic tune that gets the club stirring, wherever it is being played.

Crotia Squad really gives a strong track list, with the Rock With Me EP. The three songs feature very different sounds- from vocal samples to the general sound boards crafted. Bass lines are in no short supply in any song though, and that is the way we like it. This really was a strong example of the variation that you can create while making house music. The variation that Crotia Squad shows is what allows you to listen to the album again and again- staying interested each time. The EP excites the listener to see more of Croatia Squad, and intigues the listner in what his live set must be like… at least thats what it did for us.

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