Last weekend we got the invitation to cover the fifth installment of Space Camp. The event set out to feature local Columbus artists of all EDM genres. A goal that Austin saw come to fruition while he was there. We want to start off by thanking not only Space Camp for the invite, but also all the artists, photographers, and merchandise creators there. A super special thank you to Michael McHugh for his photos featured on this post! It was impossible to worry about the wild amount of snow coming down when we were a part of such a great night. So let’s get down to mission control, as Austin launches this Space Camp review.


Talk about unsuspecting; Space Campe 5 had one of the most surprising EDM venues to date. I actually passed the corner bar, Hamptons on King, as I was driving to find it. Not because I didn’t see it, but because it didn’t seem like the place. Sure enough, the sign matched the information I had, so I parked on the street and walked into the seeming country bar. As I walked in, country music was playing and the bar was empty but I felt the rumble of bass below my feet. So I followed the music into the basement and found the underground wonders of Hampton’s on King. There was a bouncer at the bottom of the stairs and next to him was the entrance to the venue. This place is like the EDM version of that friend that had the sweet finished basement. Christmas lights were sewn across the ceiling and on the stage, there were couches, a bar, the vendor tables, and lots and lots of open space. The venue isn’t the cleanest or the most flashy, but it is perfect for nights like Space Camp. There was a very casual yet exclusive feel to the whole night because of the venue. Interesting things to note about the venue were the stage, bar, vendor, and bathroom location.

The venue was cut in half in a way by some metal pillars, so it easy to use those as landmarks. On the entrance side of the pillars, the bar was located in the corner located closest to the door. It was a one-man bar that was adequate for the night. The drinks were strong, and the prices were not too bad. It was also cool that they gave waters out in reusable cups… that I ended up forgetting. On the same side of the pillars but opposite side of the room, there was the first vendor location. The underground merchandise company VURTUAL- a super great line that has the great support of the community around them. They were in the show taking pictures and interacting with everyone all night. Couches and dance space were all that was left on that side of the pillars. So moving to the other side, there was the stage and another vendor. The stage took up the whole side of the room, closest to the door. It had tables that were covered with DJ essentials- which encouraged all the DJ’s being on stage egging each other and looking for places to move from the current set into their own. Then across the room from the stage was the second vendor stand- Easy Co. Apparel. This vendor featured some one-of-a-kind designs, with great deals. A very personable vendor who was able to mingle and mesh with the crowd, while still running the stand. Everything was set up so well and framed the setup for a perfect night.


The line-up was killer and featured all types of genres. The best part about it all was the b2b flow of the entire show. Every artist was able to move back and forth between one another. They were all hungry to get on but supportive of one another. Small sets moving back and forth was a new experience for me, but one I really loved to see and experience. There was a whole different type of energy created by it.

Mike Dow

A strong producer and phenomenal cross-genre DJ. Mike was able to use very groovy house beats to move in and out of hip-hop and rnb. He has a great stage presence and really appreciates the art of music. He only went up for a couple sets, because he was happy to see other people playing music.

Mouse & Svmit

B2b artists playing b2b in a b2b night. The duo proved to be phenomenally compatible on stage and had a great understanding of what the other was able to do. Svmit KILLED the riddim and channel switching, and Mouse was able to take every switch point to some of the hottest transitions of the night. The two killed the riddim and dubstep. I hope that this is not the last set they play b2b, because everyone deserves the chance to see it.


Another artist that absolutely threw down. Sadboi took and threw dirty beats around the club. Dubstep flows through this kids veins. He was able to craft an amazing set each time. Reading the energy of the crowd and the music before allowed him to properly take the music in the direction he wanted to. Every time he brought intensity and dubstep- all the while dropping some new music.

Raiden Labs

One of the organizers of the night, Raiden Labs took to the stage later in the evening. He stepped in for the longest set of the night since he didn’t get any other play time. Raiden was another artist that took hip-hop/rnb and moved it into EDM. Raiden created an energetic and strong trap set. The music was great, the drops were hard, and the anticipation waiting for him all paid off.


A standout set each time he came on. His set took lighter EDM, hip hop, trap, rnb, and little dubstep at times and mixed it all together. His set was honestly revolutionary. It really impressed me and excited me every time he came on. He had amazing stage energy and exhibited great focus. He loved his stuff just as much as the crowd did.

Yung Hollywood

The two gentlemen were all about hard cuts. The set was based around incorporating trap/dubstep into the hip-hop or rap song that was played. You could tell they had an understanding and appreciation for each type of music, and their set idea is strong. The strong cuts allowed them to demonstrate an understanding of music, and play some popular favorites.

Done Wells and Needs Work

Done Wells

The whole night was done very well. From the setup to the short set b2b flow, the night went without a hitch. And even the times when there was something that went on backstage that either slowed down a switch or at one point lost the sound- Space Camp made sure to fill the space by being funny and also transparent. The venue and vibe matched perfectly to create a strong local show.

Needs Work

Like I mentioned there were only a couple hiccups with all the switches, so that really isn’t even that bad. Other than that, the only two things to note that I would like to see changed are the bathroom and the ending of the night. The bathroom downstairs was pretty run down and not the nicest. It gave a bad feeling, but at the same time we were in the basement of a bar, and it was functioning. Lastly, the closing of the show just refers to the music that closed the night. The very EDM show took a turn and became very rap and hip-hop heavy. The songs lost an electronic feel and lost my interest to stay until 2:30. It did not spoil the night by any means, in fact, it got me home before the weather got to bad. Next time though, I would like to see EDM to the end and the MC close with some words for the crowd, as a cleaner wrap up.

And that brings to a close Space Camp 5. The mission was a success and really excites Where’s The Vibe to keep covering each Space Camp, as well as other events coming from them. Thank you again to all the artists, organizers, and vendors there- it was phenomenal to party with all of you. Another special thanks to Michael McHugh for the photos featured, in this post. And, of course, a huge thank you to Space Camp for the opportunity- we can’t wait until the next launch.

Until next time.


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