We are breaking out into the POP EDM scene and featuring one of the bubbliest and most humble people I have gotten to interview, Sara Benyo.

Let’s dive into who is behind this amazing POP EDM EP Shades of Gold…

Sara is a twenty-one-year-old Kentucky native. Sara is a Taurus baby, and it shows in her ambitious nature. She adopted the stage name Sara Benyo, since it rolls off of the tongue a little better than her legal name.

Her EDM start came early when she started playing Dance Dance Revolution in 4th grade and listening to what her Dad called Paris Underground/Trance Music at age 9. When she turned 10, she was drawn to the outgoing personality of Leda Monster Bunny and her favorite genres were hardstyle and, in her words, “OG dubstep”. EDM was not her first genre as an artist, however. She actually got her start in an indie rock band; a band she was a part of from 18 until 20. Her POP EDM career sparked when she began playing around with electronic music in Logic. The spark then turned into a fire with a melody that the artist, Achilles, posted on Instagram. The melody went on to become a song Sara sings on, ‘Wild and Free’. Soon after that, she was asked to leave the band in Kentucky because she was going to school and pursuing her POP EDM career, in Tennesse.

Now, to the present day, Sara has managed to accomplish a lot in her short EDM career; from performing close to 20 shows to releasing Shades of Gold EP today. She has released multiple other songs including “What We Had”, which has had over 40,000 streams on Spotify. Her career in EDM POP is just starting and we can’t wait to see where she can take her career!

When asked about her success, she said she aims to touch people with her music. If she is able to impact just one person, then she would be completing one of her goals as an artist. She also went to suggests that new artists should not let fear stop them from what they want to do. She accredits her abandonment of fear too much of the success she has found- she sees herself in her work more now than ever.

On the way to her success, she has encountered some setbacks- especially as a woman in the scene. She has personally struggled with depression and anxiety, through her life and career. Within the music scene, however, she has seen setbacks as a woman. Past personal struggles, concertgoers many times underestimate/doubt who she is when she is not on stage. At the most recent show she was at, a guy came up to her and didn’t believe she was an artist. He sure did look like an ass later that night, when he tried to use her vocals on a song he was producing. It is unfortunate, but moments like that are expected for females in the industry. Sara did a project recently and shared the results she found on Billboard; there were only 22% females top 100 for 5 years (2012-2017)- out of 600 songs! Even further, only 12% of the artists were female songwriters that got credit. She sees this as a struggle but also something that she can overcome as a female in the industry. I know she has more than what it takes to do that and more.

Beyond her music career, Sara likes to hang out with friends, going on hikes/being outside, and, of course, going to shows. She has been going to Bonnaroo for the past 6 years and it would be a dream come true if she was able to play there one day. Some of her favorite artists are Odessa, Dua Lipa, Lorde, and Allison Wonderland. But the most important question that I get to ask the artists is what way do you like your Toilet Paper… drum roll please… she likes it over and gets mad if it’s under.

This up-and-coming POP EDM artist is destined to make it big. She has an intelligence about the industry, understanding of her sound/brand, and determination backed by the passion of her dreams. With the release of this EP, she is some shade of gold in my book and has a future riddled with every other shade, to come.

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