One of our most anticipated partnered releases is finally here! Where’s The Vibe fam member, Sara Benyo, releases her Shades Of Gold EP. This late January release has been lusted for, by any person who heard her title track release, ‘Shades of Gold’, earlier this month. The album is an amazingly emotional album that features amazing production, a variation of energy, and of course the syrupy smooth vocals to write different chapters of Sara’s life. Sara was able to create songs that can be taken for face level as really well-done music, or delve into and felt for the meaning behind each one. We are no jewelers, but its time to take a deeper look at Shades Of Gold.

Making the first plunge into our heart and ears is ‘Dagger’. The song opens with a strong high-end rhythm that feels very peaceful. A peace that is disrupted by the echoing snaps that build on it. The song moves to become a very precautious song. There is this feeling of something that is going on below the surface. The lyrics match this feeling by describing the many appearances of “that girl”. Sara, vocally, seems to stay in the same register for most of the song. This tone adds the eerie nature to the song and is really built into something that feels tragically beautiful. There is a sense of weight to every part of the song, and it chills the listener.

Moving from the twilight of ‘Dagger’, Sara moves into ‘Same Old Habits’. Vocally and rhythmically the song moves quick and builds so well. The song is unbelievably well made. From what the lyrics are talking about at each drop to the way that the syllables are crafted around the production, the song is a home run. The listener feels this enchanting nature of the song. It is whimsical but again has a lot of body to it. The song, in itself, is an amazing vibe. We are excited to make listening to this song one of our “same old habits”.

Taking a step back into our feels, ‘Twin Flame’ slows down to tell a story of brokenness. We can hear Sara lamenting that the one she thought was her “twin flame” is not- and that lament is told with the backdrop of falling melody. As the whole EP, ‘Twin Flame’ matches the emotion Sara conveys with her words. The song starts slowly gently to bring the issue of this broken relationship, but as we move through the song builds and bursts out with the emotion. The soft build into the rolling melodies really gives the feeling of trying to gain composure but then losing it because of the acceptance that love is not what it was. A sad moment/experience turned and still made into a song that you can move to. It is amazing to see music with such emotion done in a way such as this- it becomes more powerful than the hurt expressed.

From feeling helplessly lost, we move to experience a lifting letting go in ‘Release Me’. Sara knows that she is being held back and understands the toxicity of a relationship. Through the song, she is searching for the reason she/he cannot let go of what was there while knowing everything she does. The song is very calming and has this very therapeutic feeling. There is this sense of pressure that builds during the verses and is released each hook. The song moves upwards- creating that sense of breaking free the lyrics take. The story has a bitter-sweet sort of phenomenon that is so interesting. The song is a trip and feels tied up so well, by the end.

Our last song is the first song we had the opportunity to hear and is our title track. ‘Shades Of Gold’ will be one of the tops played songs this summer- we will assure that. The song is amazing in every aspect. It is adventurous, beautiful, and freeing. This is a prime example of an amazing vocal dance track. Sara uses production and vocal talent to fill the song with energy and lets it burst out to the people. Probably the most advanced track vocally, and complex track production wise- it still manages to balance everything and not get lost in the bringing together of each aspect. ‘Shades Of Gold’ is the song we want playing in the middle of every golden-hour at every festival we go to this year. It is crazy to think how many shades of gold this project really created. The heavily emotional lyrics of each track meld perfectly to make some of the best vocal EDM to date. There is a level of variation that is not seen many places in EDM, and all done by one voice. Sara demonstrates not only hard work on this project but an extreme intelligence. We cannot express how honored we are to call her a friend and have her on board. Shades Of Gold EP is an amazing step in the right direction for Sara. We cannot wait to experience everything to come- its all gold from here.

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